Behind Those Familiar Faces: 8 Underrated Emojis That You Should Start Using This 2020

This 2020, start using various emojis across your social media accounts to express what you feel. Emojis are generally introduced to keep our long messages short and expressive while making it creative. For some users, emojis are one of their digital life necessities. Our smartphone gives us the opportunity to use them. Whether you prefer heart, cake, balloon, thumbs up, ghost, or lip emojis, our mobile devices provide us with the freedom to choose. 

These cute sizes-icons summarize the whole context of your message. However, because of the numbers of emojis being introduced each year, hundreds of them remain underrated. But when it is used, you will surely be delighted. Check out these top underrated emojis you can find on your keyboard that you should try using. 

Check Mark Emoji

This emoji portrays a check mark in a handwritten style and has various colors in different platforms, usually black. The emoji was created in 1993 and was included in Emoji 0.6. Despite its unfamiliarity to some emoji users, it can be used to validate a point. Let’s say that someone is sharing his idea on social media, and you want to validate it by commenting on your opinion, you can include a check emoji on your comment. 

Zipper-Mouth Face Emoji

Zipper-mouth face emoji was approved in 2015 as a part of Unicode 8.0. The emoji conveys that someone should stop talking or should keep a secret. Although regarded as underrated, you can use this emoji to a close contact-group chat and remind your friends about the secrets they should keep. You can also send these emojis if you are getting annoyed with the person you are talking to, and for sure, it will work. 

Cowboy Hat Face Emoji

Introduced in 2016, a cowboy face hat emoji shows a yellow smiling face cowboy with a brown-leather hat. The smile of the emoji varies on different platforms. It usually conveys happiness, confidence, or adventure. Thus, if you want to tell your friend to cheer up, or ask him to go out and have some memorable adventures with you, include some of these emojis on your text message. 

Ogre Emoji

An ogre emoji portrays a beast or demon with a red face, large eyes and nose, creepy shaggy hair, and a hideous horn. The emoji originated in Japanese folklore, portraying a demon Oni. Its unusual characteristics are most probably the reason the emoji becomes unpopular. 

However, there are particular scenarios where you can use an ogre emoji. Perhaps you want to tell a friend how bad his attitude is. You can express this by sending him and some of these emojis and include an appropriate text. 

Goblin Emoji

Another creepy-faced emoji on the list is the goblin. The emoji also originated from Japanese folklore, depicting a tengu or a ‘Heavenly dog.’ You can apply this emoji when you want to denote an evil personality, cruelty, or sexual suggestion. It may also represent trolls and other supernatural beings. Thus, if scaring your friends becomes your hobby, surprise their silent nights by sending some of these emojis. 

Boar Emoji 

Among all the animals-related emojis across social media, a boar emoji is one of the most unused. We are fond of using a pig emoji in humorously describing our chubby friends, but how about a boar? The emoji also deserves your attention. A boar emoji is a cartoon-styled face with friendly characteristics, and it looks cuter when you include it to the context of your message. 

Shamrock Emoji

Shamrock Emoji portrays a clover-like plant with heart-shaped leaves. Despite its unfamiliarity to some, you can use this emoji for particular occasions, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. The emoji is also regarded as a symbol of the Holy Trinity of the Christians. Thus, you can use this for religious and cultural purposes. However, make it appropriate to the context. Since we are in a diverse religion and culture, be mindful when using it. 

Pine Decoration Emoji

Perhaps you want to flex your outdoor pine decoration, and post it on social media, have some fun with this cute emoji. The emoji portrays a Japanese kadomatsu, a traditional decoration from Japan, usually placed in front of the houses to wholeheartedly welcome kami of the harvest or known as ancestral spirits. 


Our digital world gives us access to anything, including rated or underrated emojis. Emojis comforts us when texting. Instead of typing too long messages to express your emotions, one or two emojis can do the whole work. 

These cute icons on our devices served our expressive medium to convey messages. There are tons of them available on your keyboard. Underrated or not, they deserve to be acknowledged and used. Above is just some list of unpopular emojis that you should try using now. Thousands of them might hook your interest.