Benefits of Modern Hospital Overbed Tables

Hospital overbed tables have a reputation for being difficult to move, with limited uses. This reputation is not simply the result of conversations with former hospital patients. There is documented evidence showing the need for improvements.

Today’s modern designs with Smart technology offers hospital patients, and individuals at home the opportunity to benefit from a variety of newer features, including excellent safety and convenience features.

A study demonstrates the need for overbed table improvements

Researchers conducted an exploratory study that examined hospital provider preferences, and the preferences of patients regarding the features, functions, and intended uses.

Study participants rarely used some features, choosing the tabletop feature for preferred use.

Study researchers concluded that there was room for refinement of the design of the hospital overbed table, the functionality, and usability of the tables.

Modern designs and features offer considerable improvement

Hospitals that recognize the need for improved hospital tables for patients likely consider sleek design, multiple storage spaces, and Smart technology. One-touch lighting features of a modern overbed table means that the patient does not have to call medical staff to operate room lights. It also possibly provides increased safety for patients, who likely experience less risk of injury by having the light at their bedside.

Patients have the ability to store their belongings at the bedside, whether using the hospital table as an in-patient, or at home. Easy positioning and maneuverability of today’s tables increases safety and convenience over older, heavy, more wobbly tables.

Overbed tables used more often than hospital nightstands

One study looked at whether patients at a rehabilitation hospital kept the majority of their belongings in the hospital room nightstand or the over-the-bed table. Researchers considered the function of hospital room furnishings for future preparation of ‘next-generation’ design.

Study results showed that patients overwhelmingly chose the over-the-bed table, rather than then the nightstand for storing their belongings.

High quality overbed systems feature ample storage space, with opportunity to add additional features to maximize storage space and usability. The fact that it comes with two different orientations, meaning one for left-hand users, and one for right-hand users, further provides ideal functionality and versatility.

The results of another study examined how and why hospital staff and patients used over-the-bed tables. Researchers determined that the tables are a ‘key component’ for inpatients. They concluded that hospital employees expressed openness to Smart technology in overbed tables.

Functionality and Smart Technology

The best systems offer outstanding functionality, whether used in an inpatient hospital setting, at an acute care setting, or in a private home. Multiple modern features offer greater versatility and usability.

The Smart technology of today’s hospital overbed table means that patients do not have to get out of bed to find a way to charge their devices. Individuals using the table at home have the convenience of charging their devices right from the table, without getting up and potentially risking a fall.

The modern features, versatility, and Smart technology demonstrate improvements over older hospital bed tables.