The Mahindra Bolero car comes with various models in variant colors. The Mahindra Bolero top model has tremendous and unique specifications that make it the leading model of the Mahindra Bolero car.

There are only two best bolero top models which are Mahindra Bolero zlx and Mahindra Bolero Power Plus. Although they have distinctive features when compared to each other they become the bolero top models.

So, let us discuss these both top models and their specifications in order to compare and evaluate which one is better and should be recommended to the customer for buying.

There are two best bolero top models mentioned below:


There are four cylinders in the Bolero Power plus with a maximum power of 70bhp at the rate of 3600RPM. It is rated as 4.5/ 5 as per the customer’s review. The boot space of the Mahindra Bolero Power Plus is 690 L.

The minimum turning radius is 5.80metres. There are five doors with a passenger capacity of more than 7 persons. It has tubeless tyres with front and rear size of 215/75 R15 and 4-speed manual gearbox.

The Mahindra Bolero on-road price for the power plus is Rs.8.57 Lakhs. The bolero car comes in four variant colors. It delivers the mileage of 16.5kmpl. It also has vanity mirror with rear reading lamp including the seat lumbar support.

It has rear parking sensors and indicators for gear shift, tying belt, and parking sensor. The Mahindra Bolero Power plus includes the heater and air conditioner to maintain the temperature inside the vehicle.


There is a three-cylinder turbo in the Mahindra Bolero ZLX with the type of diesel fuel. It delivers the mileage of 15.96kmpl with ARAI certification. It comes in six variant colors.

The maximum power is 62.1bhp at the rate of 3200RPM. It is rated as 4.1/5 as per the customer’s review. It comes with 5-speed manual gearbox. It has the seating capacity of 7 passengers only with spacious seat suitable for tall people also.

The Mahindra Bolero on-road price for the Bolero car zlx is Rs.8.8 Lakhs. It also offers 3 years of warranty upon 1 Lakh. It has disc-shaped front tyres whereas the drum-shaped rear tyres. It also has a bottle holder on the front door. It has front map pockets to store the necessary items for future use.

It has intact air conditioner and heater for maintaining the temperature balance of the Bolero car.

Last Words

Hence, as per my evaluation, Mahindra Bolero Power Plus is the more appropriate and suitable one in comparison to the number of seats for the passengers, on-road price, mileage of the vehicle. The turning radius is fit for turning in small locations.

It has 4-speed gears which make the driver to be understood the use of the gear system without getting in any dilemma. Apart from this, it has the parking sensors along with warning or alert system to tie seat belts. It has auto child-lock for children’s safety.