Brief Guidance on Filing Online Divorce Application with the Help of a Divorce Attorney 

In the event your divorce is uncomplicated, your attorney would help you guide through the process in the best possible manner. The Provo divorce attorney would ensure that everything is handled properly and correctly. 

You may have some difficulty handling your divorce matter independently if you have a relatively complicated child support or child custody issues. It would also be a complex situation when you and the spouse have been married for a while and have various properties and joint assets. You should rest assured to hire the services of a divorce attorney if you and your spouse disagree about any of the aforementioned issues. 

Instead of filing a physical divorce application, you could make the most of an Online Court Assistance Program or OCAP. It would help you prepare the divorce petition along with the other available documents you may need for filing the divorce petition online. It would be pertinent to mention here that the online system would be inclusive of various instructions on how to fill out the correct form. After you have adequate information on all essential documentation, the program would customize the forms for you. It would also assist you in preparing all the required paperwork that you need. However, you would be required to file the forms on your own. 

After filing the forms, you would be charged a nominal document preparation fee for using the online services. When you have finished preparing the forms and printing them, you should look forward to signing them in the presence of a notary public. For people who were unsure where to find a notary public, they should check with their bank. Several banks have been known to provide notary services without charging anything to their customers. You could also come across several notaries in private businesses at the courthouse or check-cashing services. 

To open your divorce case, you should file your divorce forms in the office of the clerk of the court in your respective region. The clerk would charge you the online divorce application filing fee along with a nominal document preparation fee, specifically for OCAP use. 

If you were unable to afford the fee, you could file a motion asking the judge to waive the fee. You would be required to file extensive documentation proving your inability to afford the fee. It would be inclusive of a detailed description of your property, income, expenses, and debts.