Bulk Bill Medical Centre Bundoora

Bulk bill has made healthcare management simple, facilitating general check-ups, chronic health condition management, family planning, skincare checks, antenatal care, preventative care for pediatric health and minor surgical procedures. The aim of bulk bill facility is to help people maintain and improve their health status and quality of life.

Bulk billing is offered at clinics that are family oriented. If a clinic is offering a broad range of health services at one site, it saves travel time for the patients of the same family. The billing services are applicable for all members of the family i.e. men, women, children for care plans and health assessments.

Range of Health Services

Patients of the same family can arrange appointments with any medical service provider such as an osteopath, podiatrist, dietitian, or a physiotherapist at a bulk bill medical clinic in Bundoora. These clinics are multi-disciplinary centers that provide quality medical care to families. The medical care standards are maintained, doctors registered and their practice fully accredited.

Some clinics also create mixed billing for pension care and health care card holders, veteran affairs card holders, children under the age of 16 or those patients who have a valid Medicare cover. If the patients are not eligible for any of the above-mentioned schemes, they can still be bulk billed for a family billing.

Telehealth Consultations

What is telehealth? Some of the medical clinics in Bundoora are also offering the bulk billing facility on telehealth consultations. These telephonic consultations are made for common medical services such as test results reviews, specialist referrals or medical certificates, right from the comfort of your home or office.

The telehealth facility is available via telephone and video conferencing. It will allow the patient to see, hear and speak with their consulting doctor in real time, about their health concerns from the safety of their homes. The same high level of care and expertise is undertaken by the medical practitioners even through a virtual platform.

Pandemic Times

Telehealth consultations are proving to be more popular especially with the risk of exposing to the novel Corona virus by stepping outside. All patients suffering from other illnesses can receive quality health care service within the safe and comfortable confinement of their homes. For a tele-consultation, one can make a booking online with a medical clinic offering the service and filling out some basic contact information. In a virtual set up, it is easier for a family member, caretaker or even a friend to attend the consultation with the patient.

Affordable Approach to Health Care

Bulk billing can be made on all medical consultations except for major surgical procedures. All the regular visits to a bulk bill medical clinic from an entire family will be billed on a valid Medicare card. The non-Medicare card holders will be charged as per the medical service that they go through. Bundoora Family Clinic and Medical Care fully bulk bills all patients, providing them with the highest level of medical care and a broad range of medical services.