Can Gaming Laptops Be Thin?

Can gaming laptops be thin? The short answer is yes. The long answer will be explored in more detail over the course of this article. Being a gamer doesn’t mean that you have to have a full gaming setup and be surrounded by heavy duty hardware. Sure, that is fun and it’s worth doing for the full experience, but you can pick up a decent quality, and thin, laptop as well and have the same fun playing. Thin laptops are really changing the player and the game. 

Their Performance

Any laptop that you choose to use for gaming purposes needs to perform really well across the board. So, can thin laptops do this? Yes. If you get the right processor, a thin laptop can do really well when it comes to game play. Look for something with at least a six core processor, preferably eight or more, but six will do nicely too for lower spec games. In terms of RAM, as long as it is upwards of 12GB, your game experience will be more than fine. It also has to have the correct outputs in order to support external hardware like GPUs which are the hub for all your graphics needs. There are lots of thin laptops for gamers on the market that can do all of these things. 

Their Portability

If you travel about to do your gaming, for example in tournaments or round to fellow gamer friend’s houses, you need a reliable bit of kit that can go with you. You don’t want to have to worry about it breaking, or it is weighing you down physically while you travel publicly or painting a big target on your back for thieves. This is where a thin gaming laptop really shines, they have all you need for a good gaming experience while also being completely lightweight and practical for travel. 

How They Hold Up

It is pretty much a given that a laptop won’t last as long as a top range gaming setup. That being said, you can get a decent specification model that will last a few years and more. They might not be built for the durability that a big PC can offer, but thin gaming laptops aren’t built to break immediately either. So, there are some good points to take away in that if this is the option you’re looking for, but you’re worried about longevity, you don’t need to be stressed at all. You don’t have to compromise on quality just because you need a thinner device. 


Overall, there is a lot of credibility to a thinner laptop built for gamers in mind. The key things to remember are to always look at the numbers regarding processor and RAM and, if you need it, output ports as well. This might just be the purchase you never knew you needed as a gamer, and you could be surprised by just how durable they are and how long they actually last.