Can You Use Imginn To Use Instagram Without An Account?

what is imginn

Social media platforms play a crucial role in our lives. Similarly, Instagram is a popular social media platform used by millions of users to share images and communicate with each other. Instagram offers tons of features. It allows a user to post a story, create boomerang videos, share reels, and much more. However, some users still feel that Instagram is missing out on some essential features.

For instance, some users want to download a story or view someone’s profile picture. To solve the issue, users can use Instagram viewer and downloader tools to view and download a story and access profile pictures. Although, you will need separate tools for both actions. But, you could use imginn to eliminate the hassle and perform multiple actions using one tool.

Let us learn more about imginn in the article below.

What Is Imginn?

imginn is a platform that allows users to perform multiple actions by accessing its services. For instance, users can save these Instagram stories in the platform’s cloud for free. It enables the users to download videos and pictures from Instagram. Even if you forget to keep a story before it is removed, you can gain access to us by using imginn.

The platform offers a unique and fantastic feature that will benefit multiple users. It allows users to view stories on their desktop or mobile device without requiring them to have an Instagram account. One can use this platform to save stories of one or more Instagram account stories. Lastly, the platform allows users to download stories without logging into an Instagram account.

How Can I Create An Imginn Account?

Now that you are familiar with the features and services imginn offers, you should also know how to create an account on imginn. You will be glad to know there is no need to create a separate account on imginn. You can search and download stories, posts, pictures, and videos using the platform without signing up for an account. You only need to enter the username whose profile you want to access to perform the earliest mentioned actions.

How Does Imginn Work?

How Does Imginn Work

imginn com is a simple and accessible tool. One can use it without worrying about the hassles of logging in and out. You can search for the platform on any browser and visit their website for starters. Once on the website, you will only need to enter a username of an Instagram profile.

After entering the username, you will be able to see the results. You can choose a profile from those results and start viewing their story. You can also log into your Instagram account and give imginn access. Once access is given, you can perform the same actions and use the platform’s services easily.

Top Features Offered By Imginn:

Https imginn com offers several features that one could use. The most attractive feature by imginn has to be viewing Instagram stories anonymously. You can use the platform to view Instagram stories anonymously. You can also check out all Instagram profile pictures and download the same in their original quality.

Apart from story and profile pictures, you can also download photos and videos from an Instagram story. Lastly, you can copy hashtags and captions from the platform without inconvenience. It would help if you went through the set of features mentioned below to get a clear idea:

  • Free to use
  • The simple user interface of the website
  • No compulsion to log into the Instagram account to view and download stories
  • Anonymous activity
  • Secure way to browse posts and stories

How Can I Save An Instagram Story Through imginn?

Save An Instagram Story Through imginn

One can watch and download stories from different platforms like Facebook and Instagram. There is no limit on the platform; it can be used for multiple purposes anytime. If you want to use the platform to save an Instagram story, you should first copy the username of an account.

Once done, you should launch the imginn website and look out for a box to enter a username. You should enter the username of the account whose story or post you want to access. Lastly, you should enter the username and click on the search icon. After this, you can see the user’s stories and account.

How Can I Save Posts Without Hashtags?

If you want to save and download an Instagram post without saving hashtags, there are a few steps you should follow. The foremost thing to do is select the posts on Instagram that do not have any hashtags in its captions. Once done, you should copy the username and paste it into the imginn website. After that, search for the post without a hashtag and download it. You can also use the option to only download the image of a post without saving Hashtags.

Can I Trust imginn?

imginn Instagram search tool that is safe and secure to use. The website uses secure protocols to ensure users’ data is not used for unfair methods. The website does not ask the user for permission or cookies while accessing. It can be used on any device to browse through multiple features safely.

Will imginn Instagram Work On Android and iPhone?

Yes. You can visit the website to use it on any device. You will need a browser to access the website using an Android, iPhone, or laptop. The platform focuses on cross-platform compatibility.


imginn is a unique platform allowing you to download stories and posts quickly. Some users might ask imginn alternative if they do not find the platform suitable. However, you can browse for multiple tools to use Instagram features that are not added to the platform.


1. Is imginn illegal to use? 

No. The platform is entirely legal to use. You can use it to download and view stories without being worried about your safety.

2. Can I block someone on imginn? 

Yes. You can block a user on the platform. It would be advisable to block the user from the Instagram app itself.