Cannabis – It’s Uses and Health Benefits

Cannabis is a widely mentioned subject in the modern world. When someone says cannabis, people think of standard marijuana that people recreationally smoke, or use it for medical purposes, but cannabis is much more than that. First, it’s a genus of flowering plants in the family of Cannabaceae. We can talk about three species of it: Cannabis sativa, Indica, and ruderalis. Other than medicinal and recreational, cannabis is used for industrial and even has been used for religious purposes in history. Cannabis includes at least 65 chemical structures called cannabinoids. Some of the components are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which gets people high, cannabidiol (CBD), which if taken alone is a pain reliever, cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), etc.

Cannabis Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of using cannabis for medicinal purposes: since cannabis helps with reducing pain, it can help many people with cancer who entered severe stages of suffering. It can also help with reducing nausea and boost appetite for people who are going immunodeficiency diseases, like HIV/AIDS. Also, it was proven effective while treating severe forms of epilepsy, and it reduces muscle spasms. Some research says it can even cure hangovers from alcohol!

When talking about recreational uses, when consumed, there is a euphoric sense of joy and relaxation, followed by an increase in appetite and trouble remembering recent developments around the user. Physical symptoms are red eyes, being dizzy and slowed coordination. Cannabis is widely used in today’s world for recreational purposes, being the number one drug of choice. The legality of cannabis varies from country to country, but it is still illegal in most places.

Cannabis Uses

Hemp, or industrial cannabis is used for commercial purposes, so it can be filtered to fuel, plastics, paper, animal feed and many more.  Cannabis was used in history for all of the mentioned purposes, but mostly for industrial. In India, it was called food of gods. A recent cannabis news found the earliest evidence of weed smoking is found in Western China. For religious purposes, it has been used in the modern world by the Rastafari movement, and it is embraced as a sacrament.

While there is some research which states that cannabis could be harmful, more and more evidence is emerging that encourages the use of it. The fact that no one has ever experience that directly from cannabis use is something to keep in mind and is an alternative to many more harmful substances that are legal, and the mentioned medical benefits are indisputable.