Car Scratches and Repairs

Car scratches on your car, whether new or old, can spoil the appearance of your car and be frustrating and hence need to be fixed to regain the lost glory of your car. Every car plying on road is susceptible getting scratches or dents. 

No matter how safely you drive, even then often scratches tend to come up from out of nowhere. The scratches may come due to accident, brushing against any other vehicle, wall or any object as well as animals. 

More often than not scratches come due to your own negligence like key scratches or intentionally created by someone. The scratches may vary in appearance and size that may be extremely minute and hardly noticeable like Swirl marks which are tiny thin scratches on paint of your car or deep scratches.

From car scratch repair point of view, apart from swirl marks, the scratches can be classified as:

  • Clear Coat Scratch- occur on fine thin layer of clear coat that is meant to protect car paint from damage due to the environmental factors like direct exposure of sunlight, dust, chemical and fluid spill on body of car,  acid rain etc.

Clear coat scratches are easy to remove through simple car scratch repair procedures.

  • Primer-Level Scratch – Primer is applied to provide a smooth and shining surface on your car on which Clear coat layer of paint is applied. 
  • Deep-Paint Scratch- is the severest form of scratches which is caused not only by cutting through Clear coat layer but Primer layer as well before damaging and making metal sheet under those layers. 

For Primer-level and Deep-point scratches repairs you must avail expert car scratch repair services for smooth and unblemished color matching surface. 

Ways to get rid of car scratches

The car scratch repair work depends upon the type of scratch and extent of damage caused by the scratch to your car. Some of the popular methods employed for the removal of car scratches are:

  • By Rubbing Compounds 

 It may prove useful when the scratch is on surface level like swirl scratch in which your finger nail do not get stuck on the scratch. Such scratches can be removed by applying rubbing compound with a buffing pad after cleaning the affected area with soapy water and using microfiber cloth.

  • By Using Scratch Repair Kit 

Car scratch repair kits are used to remove mild scratches using scratch remover solution which is rubbed on the affected portion with a buff pad. However, car scratch repair kits have not found to be effective enough or produce good results.

  • Denting and painting for Deep Scratches 

For best results, nothing is better than denting and painting for deep scratches that can be done in traditional procedures as well as paintless dent removal procedures to produce a perfect showroom finish to the car. 

Denting and painting requires sanding of the surface on which etching primer is applied over scratches which act as an adhesive medium for the paint. The primed surfaces is sanded two or three times and after drying multiple layers of clear coat are applied and sealed using waxing and polishing compounds for efficient Car Scratch Repair.

When you need to remove scratches from your cars, think of Mobile Car Scratch Repair where scratches are removed using most modern techniques which include Spray less Scratch Repairs.