Coffee Machine: Better Powder Or Pods?

The choice of the coffee machine is one of the decisions that have the greatest influence on the routine of a family; who on the other hand does not want to start their day with a good coffee or take a tasty break with the aroma of a beloved espresso?

One of the doubts that often arises in those who want to buy a coffee machine is always the same: better ground coffee or pods? We will see how it is possible to answer this right question, taking into consideration the particularities of each of these types.

The Ground Coffee Machine

It is considered by many to be less practical and quick to prepare, but ground coffee has significant positive sides.

First of all, it is important to underline that there are two alternatives to obtain ground coffee: buy it in beans and grind it before preparation, or buy the one already ground. The first option is the one that allows you to obtain a fresher coffee and consequently an always tasty and fragrant aroma . The second is the simplest and fastest.

On the other hand, however, it must also be said that powdered coffee machines must be cleaned more often and require a few more seconds for preparation. Furthermore, it is also important to become familiar with My (next) Espresso Machine over time, in order to develop the necessary manual skills.

It is in fact essential to understand what is the best possible dosage and the right procedure for pressing the coffee into the filter holder, in order to obtain an excellent result. Ground coffee, as well as that to be ground into beans, must in fact be dosed by hand but allows for a very low cost per single coffee (on average between 3 and 6 cents). The result in terms of coffee quality and aroma depends on a number of factors:

  • type of coffee chosen;
  • use of coffee beans or ground;
  • practicality of the user;
  • combined use of Arabica and Robusta;
  • good dosage of ground coffee;
  • choice of good water.

This last aspect is also important for coffee pods which, however, have different and more basic characteristics.

The pod coffee machine

Pods are the best choice for those looking for maximum simplicity , an optimized dosage and no waste of coffee, greater cleanliness and economy of the machine. On the one hand, I allow the user to “experiment” less in the search for particular aromas, on the other hand, in recent years the varieties of pods and capsules for coffee have certainly increased considerably, also made by artisan coffee roasters.

Choosing a coffee machine with pods is a rather immediate process, and these often involve a generally very low initial cost. The price of each coffee, however, with the pods goes up and is generally between a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 35 cents for each espresso. In ecological terms, it is important to point out that these machines produce a greater waste than ground coffee alone. The pods are usually compostable, while the capsules are made of plastic and therefore should be emptied in order to be recycled in the plastic.

In general, it takes a few seconds to use a pod coffee machine and it is not necessary to have any particular manual skills. With these models it is in fact only required to insert the pod or capsule, press a button and periodically empty the container of used capsules.

Which one to choose: better a powder or pod coffee machine?

The answer to this question depends on your own circumstances and personal tastes.

For those who particularly like to experiment with new aromas , for example looking for the right mix in the proportions between Arabica and Robusta, ground coffee is an excellent alternative , especially if combined with the use of a coffee grinder . Certainly the coffee contained in the capsules is never as fresh as the powdered one, especially when compared with freshly ground beans, with a coffee grinder or with an automatic coffee machine.

In coffee pods obviously the possibility of experimenting is less and linked only to the choice of the various producers and the type of coffee. In economic terms, it must be said that coffee pod machines are usually cheaper than those for ground coffee, especially if equipped with an integrated coffee grinder. As we have seen, however, they have a higher management cost over time, costing more every single espresso made. The pods, as well as the capsules , are certainly ideal for environments where it is necessary to prepare an espresso in a simple and immediate way , such as in the office .

In conclusion, therefore, is a powder or pod coffee machine better? The answer depends on your needs and habits. If you love coffee and you like the idea of ​​tasting fresh aromas, taking some time to prepare them, then ground coffee (preferably ground yourself) is the ideal choice for you. If, on the other hand, you are always in a hurry or do not want to spend too much time preparing coffee, preferring the simplest product ever to use, then pods and capsules are excellent for you.