Combating the Negative Health Effects of Sitting Too Much

Not very long ago, concerns over increasingly sedentary lifestyles began to arise across the globe. With so many modern conveniences becoming available to people, continuously staying active just wasn’t as necessary as it once was. This left a growing number of people with an excess of idle time, and studies began to indicate this development was taking a toll on the well-being of humanity. At present, the problem hasn’t improved a great deal. In fact, with the number of desk jobs outweighing that of active ones and the gap progressively growing, sitting has now been deemed the new smoking, and people are feeling the effects.

Exploring the Impact of Sitting Too Much

According to the latest information from the medical sector, spending too much time in a chair can have a considerable negative impact on overall health. These effects are evident in both short and long-term health declines. Studies show sitting for eight hours or more per day with little physical activity to combat the potential downfalls can lead to a wide range of health issues. Some of the more significant ones are high blood pressure, increased risk of diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease and excessive weight gain to name a few.

Finding a Solution

Obviously, taking numerous breaks throughout the day to jog up and down hallways isn’t an option for most people. Though this could be a healthy alternative, it would also hamper productivity and lead to disruptions and potential workplace injuries. Still, people who spend their days chained to a desk don’t necessarily have to stay seated thanks to new developments like the MOVI standing desk. With this type of tool, you can alternate between sitting and standing as needed without having to sacrifice productivity and efficiency.

Additional Healthy Measures

Standing up to work for intermittent periods certainly helps combat the effects of being inactive, but additional measures can help ramp up health as well. Medical experts recommend taking the stairs rather than the elevator when possible and parking a little further away from the office than necessary to get in a few extra steps here and there. Workplace-based exercise programs and fitness initiatives are also being touted for their many benefits.

At the same time, simple changes in eating habits can go a long way toward improving overall health. One option would be switching from sugary snacks filled with unhealthy fats to more beneficial options, like nuts, low-fat cheeses and meats and other protein-packed alternatives. Veering away from fats and carbohydrates at breakfast and lunch time is also known to have a positive impact.

All Things Considered

People are certainly sitting more at work these days than they did in the past. To make matters worse, the average person is said to spend anywhere from four to eight additional hours per day sitting at home during evenings and on weekends and holidays. Being more active is certainly the key to thwarting the potential health issues stemming from this lack of physical activity. Standing more at work, getting in extra exercise whenever possible and making healthier meal and snack choices are sure to have a positive effect as well.