Comparisons of Coinbase and Coinbase Pro

Cryptocurrency gets great attention in recent years. It is not only seen as future means of digital transaction. People see the cryptocurrencies as potential opportunities to gain profits. Trading, exchange, and investment are ways to gain the profits. As the development of cryptocurrencies, there are platforms to accommodate investors and traders to conduct various actions to get the profits. Among those platforms, Coinbase Global Inc. provides the platform of Coinbase Pro and Coinbase. These two come from the same owner and it even shares the similar name. However, there are also differences and it is necessary to know the Coinbase Pro vs Coinbase.

It cannot be denied that Coinbase has become one of the most popular platforms when it talks about cryptocurrency. This can provide access for trading, investment, and exchange of crypto coins and tokens. The Coinbase has gained great popularity and reliability. In this case, surely Coinbase Pro is different from Coinbase and it is necessary to know more about these. It is also possible to click here to find out more information about the Coinbase and its function as the crypto wallet. In general, Coinbase Pro has more advanced services than Coinbase. It can be seen clearly from the name. However, each of them has different targets of users and clients and these topics that should be understood.

In term of feature, Coinbase is dedicated for the general and basic users who need reliable services related to the cryptocurrency. Coinbase provides free accesses to educative materials about crypto to help the beginners. Videos can be watched to learn more about crypto and there is also feature of price alert for traders and investors so they are able to know about the price changes quickly. Meanwhile, Coinbase Pro is dedicated for the seasoned and professional investors and traders. Thus, it does not focus in providing assistance for traders, but it gives great access and controls over various trading actions. Even, it allows traders to set the selling price so it is helpful for traders to avoid great losses in trading.  Next, it is about fee. Coinbase sets fixed cost to charge the transaction. It is 0.5% of each transaction. Meanwhile, Coinbase Pro has lower fee that will be charged to the traders. This will be beneficial for active traders because there is possibility to gain discount based on numbers of trades conducted by the traders.

Those are about Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. Related to the cryptocurrency, there are still more options of investment platform. One of the popular ones is eToro. This is not only limited to the cryptocurrency investment and trading, but recently its crypto investment platform is quite popular and there are many clients using the services. The eToro platform is quite useful for beginners. They can have nice platform that will be easy to use and accesses. There are also various supports dedicated for the new traders and investors. Next, there is GDAX. This is also popular especially among trader who trade and invest in Bitcoin. However, it does not mean that the services are limited to bitcoin because there are more options of cryptocurrencies to access.