Convenient and cost-effective wheels and tyres packages

Wheels and tyres are the most important components of any vehicle moving on the road. Together wheels and tyres facilitate movement of the vehicle and ensure comfortable and safe journey on road. It is therefore important to install best quality of wheels and tyres in your vehicles. 

Be it a car, SUV, light mini truck or heavy-duty truck or sports car; various companies are there to offer you a suitable wheels and tyres package as per your requirement or make of vehicle. 

How wheels and tyre help in moving a vehicle?

 Wheel, the key component of vehicle, is a circular part that rotates on an axle bearing and along with appropriate tyres, they help move or transport passengers or heavy loads on road. 

Simultaneous movement of the wheels on their axis reduces friction and allows tyres to efficiently as per their lifespan. 

For the long life of the tyres and protection of wheels and to have a nice comfortable and jerk-free road journey, it is prudent to maintain optimum air pressure in the tyres. 

At the same time, vehicle owners are required to monitor wheel alignment and tyre air pressure for the prevention of tyre wear and their longevity.

As a vigilant vehicle owner, you must choose the best suitable, durable and pocket-friendly wheels and tyre packages from one of the best, most reliable and experienced wheels and tyres agencies like St. George Tyres for assured quality and service.

Types of wheels and tyres packages

Depending on your vehicle various wheels and tyres packages are available in the market, yet usual package can be:

  • 19 Inch wheels and tyres packages
  • 4×4 wheel and tyre packages
  • Rims and tyres packages
  • Alloy wheels and tyre packages
  • Mag wheel and tyre packages
  • Off road wheels and tyres packages

You may also get black wheels or black alloy wheels in different finishes such as: 

  • Gloss Black wheels elegantly styled with five or multiple spokes  
  • Matt Black with classy, subtle yet superb and sophisticated look 
  • Black Coloured and Black Polished that matches well with your car and style

You may also select wheels from huge variety in colours like Black Red Wheels, Black Blue Wheels, Black Yellow wheels as per your liking or matching colour and style of your vehicle.


What is included in a wheel and tyre package?

The best wheels and tyres package, include:

  • Set of all original, genuine and brand new Four Alloy Wheels of leading brands of Australia
  • Set of Four Tyres of top brands that are fully fitted in chosen wheels after digital wheel balancing, correctly inflated with optimum air pressure. TPMS fitting is however optional
  • Full Fitting Kit (Optional), comprised of complete set of finest quality nuts and bolts required by your vehicle as well as a set of four spigot rings meant to centralize the wheel on to the hub by some vehicles.

When you wish to have the best quality of tyres and wheels, get in touch with St. George Tyres in Sydney and avail the benefits of wheels and tyres package required by you.

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