Cool Facts about Atlanta that Will Make You Book Your Next Tickets Straight for a Holiday!

As we speak about Atlanta, there is so much to do in this splendid city of rich history with a modern flair. One of the greatest American cities still holding its culture intact and making the Southern State of Georgia proud, Atlanta has the vibe of bringing out the best of what America has to offer its tourists and residents.

While there are many things to do in Atlanta this weekendit is hardly likely that you will find yourself bored and confined within the walls of your residence. Whether it is an educational yet fun trip with the family or just a night out with your buddies, the place has it all.

If you are planning to move to Atlanta or at least visit this metropolitan suburban city, there are a few things that you need to know that can convince you enough to show up for an adventurous and the most memorable trip of your life.

The Scorching Heat of Pain

Or more like the “Scorching Heat in Vain”!

Many people think of visiting Atlanta but then they look at the average temperature of the city and they’re like “NAAH!!” However, those scary temperature figures are nothing when compared to Atlanta’s plantation scheme.

Since the year 1985, the nonprofit organization known as Trees Atlanta has successfully planted and distributed more than 100.000 trees. With this plan, they have been able to create a green canopy over the city that positively impacts the lifestyle of people living there.

According to the National Forest Services, Atlanta has been recognized as one of the greenest and densely forested cities with almost 48% of the area covered in trees. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of the examples of how these people love their greens not just on a plate.

Rise from the Ashes

In the 1864 war, Atlanta hit a major crisis when the now popular General Sherman decided to burn the entire city down in the freezing month of November. He led his troops in the city and ordered the entire place to be burnt down to ashes. With only 400 buildings remaining in the city, we can say that Atlanta was burnt to ashes.

However, the city was rebuilt with even more strength and determination. The people of Atlanta undoubtedly have big hearts and they respect their culture more than anything. The symbol of the city is the phoenix. In case you don’t know what a phoenix is, it is known as a mythological bird from Greek history that can be born again from the ashes of its precursor.

Keeping Southern Soul Alive

Now that we have mentioned the culture above, let’s discuss the pivotal role that food plays in the culture of the city. Even though Atlanta is a big city probably one of the largest in the U.S and certainly of the most flourishing economically, it certainly has not forgotten its Southern Georgian roots and the food foundation laid out by the big mamas of Georgia who knew what flavor was and made food that sang symphonies with your soul.

The food is as rich, scrumptious and Southern as it was decades ago. Whether you are looking for some sticky BBQ ribs or a classic fried chicken with a nice drink, there are a lot of eateries that will make you feel as if you have managed to time travel in the past. The people in Atlanta sure know how to keep that traditional Southern vibe going on regardless of the development that takes place in the city. If you are going out to a party or considering the best things to do in Atlanta this weekend, don’t forget to put a nice Southern restaurant on your list.

Film Making at Its Finest

We all know that the famous CNN studios and the Fox studios bless the Atlantic grounds just by being there and many famous rap stars and movie artists belong from Atlanta. However, the city has rapidly grown into a hub of American moviemaking and production and probably one of the first in every producer hit list. The reason behind this progress is the already stable and established economy of the city that allows the users to benefit from attractive payment and taxation rules.

To mark the word as final, let’s name a few of the most successful on-screen projects that have been filmed and shot in Atlanta. The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Fast and Furious 7, Captain America: Civil War, The Hunger Games, Anchorman 2, all Cartoon Network Series, Taken 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and several other projects that mount up to a huge figure of 140. This filmmaking and recording started in 2008 and has been flourishing and growing ever since. Needless to say, Atlanta can be the next Hollywood.

A Constant Care about the Environment

Atlantans generally don’t get excited about public transport systems, but one aspect in which they are unanimously happy is that the famous Atlanta Beltline is environmentally sound, efficient and growing. A 21st-century reimagining of the city’s iconic railway line augmented by local shops, art pieces, and glimpses into the environment, is one of the most significant urban development projects in the world.

The Beltline links 45 communities in the city center to Atlanta Metro and includes 33 km of multipurpose roads that carry and drive the main path. Therefore, $10-20 billion is anticipated in economic development, 30,000 permanent jobs and 1,300 acres of parks followed by a 5600 acre of affordable housing societies. We can shortly but surely say that they know how to prevent the already threatened environment of this planet!

Final Thoughts

Atlanta does boast a lot of cultural pride and history and resides among some of the very few American urban cities that did not end up losing their rustic charm. No matter how much it develops, the people and the beaming culture will always enthrall you to visit this city of many charms.