Create your Own Brand of Powdered Beverages and Capture a Market

The world of business is highly competitive, especially the food & beverage sector, which is resuming after a long pandemic lay-off and there have been some incredible developments in this sector. An exciting new product is powdered fruit juices, where all the nutrients of freshly squeezed fruit juice are captured in a special ‘freeze’ process.

Just add cold water

It couldn’t be easier to make a fresh fruit juice drink than simply adding cold water and stirring; this is a game changer for many businesses, including hotels, resorts and restaurants. The product comes in powder form and can be stored indefinitely and there’s zero wastage; from a retail food and beverage outlet’s perspective, being able to put fresh fruit drinks on the menu is a big plus!

OEM Solutions

Normally, when you create a consumable brand, you must go through the long and complex process of FDA approval, which is time-consuming and costs a fortune. There are specialist companies with production of powdered beverages that are already FDA approved and ready for your packaging. All you need to do is register your brand and design the packaging and the OEM company will deliver the finished product to your warehouse.

Wide Range of Flavours

The list is indeed long and includes

  • Orange & lemon
  • Guava & lychee
  • Peach & pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Apple & apricot

There are also teas available and milk beverages that are very popular today, while a range of herbal drinks are great for healthy food and beverage outlets.


Of course, introducing your brand demands some professional help in the form of a marketing agency, who can help with package design and barcode data, while preparing for a grand launch that would be covered by appropriate media. An introductory sample package would work well; people like to try products as a free sample and this would be the best way to spend your marketing budget. If you have a fantastic product, let it do the talking and your investment will pay big dividends. Click here for information on the current trend of ‘shop now-pay later’.

Established Supplier

If you are going to all the trouble of creating your own brand of powdered drinks, you need to be sure of your supplier; choose an OEM company with a track record in the industry; tour their facility and see for yourself how they operate. They would, for example, have a team of package designers to help with your branding. They understand the law regarding packaging and the information that must be present, plus their products are FDA approved already and once your packaging is ready, the production line can be set up.

Start the process of creating your own brand of powdered beverages by sourcing an original manufacturer who supplies brand names, then you need to register your business and your brand with the authorities. Make an agreement with the OEM that secures a supply line for your new product range and then you can think about how to market this amazing product.