Design Elements For A More Elegant Wedding Invitation

It can be stressful to plan a wedding. If you are doing so, taking care of the wedding invitations is a necessity. Elegant wedding invites can be what you are looking for, and for that, this post offers many ideas.

Your wedding should reflect your design and style aesthetics. And it all starts with sending out the invites. Incorporating a few elegant design elements is going to raise the invitations to the next level. Let’s throw up some ideas on fun design elements.


One of the most elegant things you can do with your invite is to use fur. It has such a luxurious feel to it and it brings elegance to the invites almost effortlessly. Fur also symbolises old-world charm, something you may want to incorporate into your invitations.

Peacock Feathers

Brides-to-be are bringing it trendier ways to be their elegant best on their wedding day. Peacock feathers add a nice touch to the invite without being too loud. Use them at the sides of the invite for an elegant touch.

Vines and Flowers

Another beautiful way to add more elegance is to get more vines and flower designs. Hire a professional invite-maker like Pietra Paper Design to give your vine and flower ideas a real touch. It is so theoretically easy to do but only people with skill can make it possible. Vines and flowers can even underline the written part of your invite for the oomph.

Royal Blue or Green

The shades of royal blue and green are naturally elegant and they can be used on their own or together to create a beautiful invite to wow your guests. Use them as the background of your invite and see the rich look and feel they bring.

You can also use royal blue and green with gold for a luxurious feel.

Simple and Minimalistic

Another way to add more elegance to your wedding invite is to look for styles that are simple and minimalistic. Sometimes, simplicity is the most elegant and if that is the ethos they go by, then select a simple invite. Let your guests know that you are opting for a simple wedding with an invite that is honest about their presence on your big day.

Bring Bling with Gold

The golden metal signifies money and power. In many cultures in the world, the more jewellery the bride wears, the better it is. So why not bring the elegance of gold with a beautiful golden wedding invite? It certainly amps up the bling factor and makes your invite stand out.

Go Classic

Another elegant way to do up your wedding invite is to go for a more classic and traditional style. Many couples who choose a traditional ceremony and everything else, select a classic wedding invite style. For this, it is mostly about using a pretty font and classic colours to invite people to your wedding.

Pinks and Pastel Shades

These are such gorgeous choices for wedding invites. Most invites are chosen by the bride-to-be and so chances are that they are feminine. You cannot really go wrong with pinks and pastel shades. It signifies all things soft and pretty. Incorporate these colours for an elegant look and go big with your personalisation.

High-Quality Paper

Your guests must enjoy the richness of the wedding stationery you use. So choose high-quality paper for the invites to a world of excellence. It will ensure that your design comes out beautifully.

Why Choose an Elegant Styled Wedding Invite?

It is just classy. If the traditional route is what you live by, then the simple and elegant styles will suit your aesthetics. Yes, couples today go all out to bring more quirky gestures to their wedding invites and they are beautiful. But if elegance is what you love more than anything, then the style should be reflected in your wedding invite too.

With the above recommendations, finding something you love is easy. It is not difficult to make elegance a part of your invite. Always hire a professional invite-maker to do the hard work with skill and excellence. It is your big day and you want things done in the right manner. And this includes getting your wedding invitation suite perfectly done.