Difference Between Exhibit Batch & Pilot Batch

Difference Between Exhibit Batch

When it comes to producing a new product, sometimes businesses will choose to do an exhibit batch or a pilot batch. Exhibit batches and pilot batches are two different types of production. They have different purposes and produce different results. But most importantly, which one should you choose for your business? In this article, we will discuss the differences between these two types of batches and help you decide which is best for your company!

What is Exhibit Batch?

An exhibit batch is a smaller production run that is used to show a new product to potential buyers. This type of batch is usually done before the pilot batch. It allows businesses to get customer feedback and make changes before doing the larger, more expensive pilot batch. Exhibit batches are also less risky because if there are any problems with the product, they can be fixed before the pilot batch is done.

What is Pilot Batch?

A pilot batch is the first production run of a new product. This type of batch is used to determine if the product will be successful and to assess how much demand there is for it. Pilot batches are also important because they help businesses figure out the costs associated with producing and selling the product. If the results from the pilot batch are positive, the business may decide to do a larger production run for the product.

What is the Key Difference Between Both the Batches?

The key difference between an exhibit batch and a pilot batch is size. Exhibit batches are usually much smaller than pilot batches. It is because exhibit batches are used to test the reaction to a new product, while pilot batches are used to determine if there is enough demand for the product and how much it will cost to produce and sell.

How to Decide Which Type of Batch is Best for Your Product?

The best way to decide which type of batch is best for your product is to consider the purpose of the batch. If you are looking to test customer reaction to a new product, an exhibit batch is better. If you are looking to determine if there is enough demand for a product and how much it will cost to produce and sell, then a pilot batch is the better option. Continue reading to know 4 things about pilot production.

To Conclude

These were the differences between exhibit batches and pilot batches. Therefore, it is best to consult with an expert to see which batch is best for your product & the importance of a pilot plant. Finally, keep in mind that both batches have benefits and drawbacks, so make sure to consider all factors before making a decision!