Different types of SBI Health Insurance Plans: Explained

SBI health insurance plans offer unique and distinct benefits to the customers by providing some well-balanced policies that are not too heavy on the pocket. The reason behind the profound success of SBI General Insurance Company within just ten years of service is that it understands what people need. Every plan is different from the other, allowing the customers to choose from a variety of options. There is a plan for older people and youngsters, for critical illness and emergencies and also for family floaters (additional members of the family). One just has to ensure that he chooses the right plan considering the health requirements and condition of every family member. Know more here and purchase the right plan. 

Types of SBI Health Insurance Plans 

SBI health insurance plans are perfect for complementing the needs of all types of customers. The benefits are far better in qualitative value than the amount one pays for the premiums. From basic to comprehensive, one has a lot of options to evaluate and then choose the one that suits him the best. 

Individual Health Insurance Plans

SBI health insurance plans for individuals provide coverage only to the insured individual. That is, the policyholder will have the entitlement to reap the benefits of the plan. In some cases, one may avail the family floater option wherein any other member of the insured’s immediate family will also get access to the health benefits like annual health check-up and ambulance facilities, etc. 

Family Health Insurance Plans 

The family health insurance plans are better than the individual plans for customers who want to buy insurance for every member. It becomes economical and beneficial to buy a family health insurance plan instead of buying five separate individual plans. The best part is there is no pre-medical check-up required for these plans for up to 65 years. From integral expenses on daycare procedures to domiciliary hospitalization expenses, the SBI health insurance plans cover them all. 

Health Insurances for Senior Citizens 

The health requirements of senior citizens are different from that of youngsters. Keeping that in mind, SBI General offers exclusive health benefits on plans for senior citizens. From regular health check-ups to OPD (Outpatient Department) expenses, there are several benefits for covering the hospital expenses. One can also try add-ons to uplift the value of the plan while not making much of a difference to the monthly premiums. 

Health Insurance Plans for Critical Illness 

With the skyrocketing prices of critical illness treatment, this plan becomes essential for individuals to avail financial protection against huge medical bills. The critical illness plans cover as many as 13 critical health conditions, including cancer, paralysis, stroke, coma, kidney failure, etc. One can create enough funds for financing any of these treatments in case any misfortune happens in the future. For those who have already suffered a mild stroke or any dangerous illness, it becomes crucial to buy this plan. 

Fixed Benefits Insurance Plans

The fixed benefits of these health insurance plans offer predefined privileges to the insured individual at the time of hospitalization or any medical emergency. Individuals with a limited budget can opt for these plans to create a short-term backup option. 

Health Insurance Top-Up Plans 

The top-up plans are for availing additional benefits on any of the SBI health insurance plans that a person chooses to buy. This plan helps in creating additional financial protection and some exclusive health benefits on the basic insurance plans. If one has already invested in a plan that he wishes to upgrade, the top-up plan is a perfect choice. 


SBI health insurance plans range from basic coverages to comprehensive benefits. Customers must identify their needs, expectations, and affordability to choose a plan that will yield the maximum benefits.