Discover the joy and wonder of a desert safari

The deserts of Arabia are old, rich, and beautiful. They have inspired countless poets, writers, and other artists. Desserts are not the dull, dry, colorless stretches of land that most people think they are. The deserts of Arabia are filled with wonder and adventure. In them, you will find the joy, fun, and traditions of a culture that is ancient and compelling.

If you are thinking of taking a different kind of vacation, then you should consider a desert safari. A Desert Safari Experience is one that you will not soon forget. It will transport you to another time and place; it will thrill, interest, and entertain you and your family.

Most desert safaris include the airfare to Abu Dhabi and accommodation in one of the city’s luxurious hotels. Soon after you arrive, you will be taken to a base camp from where the adventure will begin.

Here is the itinerary of a typical desert safari:

1. Arrive at camp

You will arrive at the camp in the late afternoon or early evening. The desert is much too hot to begin at any time before then. You will be able to park your vehicle in designated parking. You can then take a break from your road trip and enjoy the hospitality of the camp, which will include Arabic coffee, tea, and dates.

2. Camel ride

No safari would be complete without a camel ride. The animals you will mount are tame and well-trained. You will nevertheless enjoy every moment of the experience.

3. Sandboarding

You will then have a once in a lifetime opportunity to sandboard. It is easy and quite safe. You are not required to master the sport in order to enjoy it. All you need do is grab a board, walk up to a sand dune, strap the board onto your feet, and enjoy the ride.

4. Sunset

There is nothing like the beauty, majesty, and transcendent experience of a desert sunset. To get the most out of it, you will need to start watching at dusk. Your tour guide will ensure that you are in the perfect spot to see the sun go down.

5. Exciting shows

You will then enjoy a short video presentation of the Mazda Used Car . This will be followed up by traditional Belly Dancing and a Tanura Dance. These are some of the oldest art forms in Arabian culture. You will have a chance to feast your eyes on the beauty, skill, and technique of the dancers.

6. Buffet Dinner

By this time, you will be hungry. You will be served BBQ and other delicious dishes (Veg & Non-Veg)

7. Camel Show

You can then watch the camels walk the dunes. It will give you the opportunity to experience the desert and the emptiness the way it was perceived before Mazda Business Contract Hire , planes, and other modern innovations. With the aid of a translator, you will hear older Bedouin tribesmen reminisce about riding camels and other traditions now gone since the modernization of Abu Dhabi.