Dishes to eat with roti

Roti has been a staple for Indians. Whether it is rice or roti, being a little careful about what sabji you pair it with will not only control the glycemic index but will also help you stay healthy. There have been a number of dishes around the world that can eventually help you stay healthy. Well, Rotimatic being a leading brand will help you prepare soft rotis that you can enjoy with your curry. 

Some of the popular dishes to pair alongside roti include the following


Colocasia is not very popular among people but then it is one of the healthiest foods you can ever try. Not only the leaves, but the Colocasia stems are enjoyed at a significant rate. Nonetheless, only a handful of people enjoy the Colocasia curry. But, if you have been consuming Colocasia curry it can eventually be helpful since it is low in carbs and rich in nutritional components. Also, it is free of gluten, thereby proving to be efficient Keto Indian curry. 

Colocasia is often cooked with saag for a better taste. It is known as aloo in Marathi, Kachu in Bengali, Arvi in Hindi, Chempu in Malayalam, Pan in Manipuri and Kesavedantu in Kannada. 

Aloo Gobi Chinese cauliflower

Chinese dishes are in vogue in India. Aaloo Gobi is one of the most common vegetarian dishes in India. The aroma of the dish itself will lure you into believing that it is one of the best things you can ever try. Aloo Gobi can be served with roti and rice both. Not only India, but this dish is enjoyed across India. 

This dish has been in prominence since a long time and is tossed with salt and all the masalas for a better taste. Aloo Gobi and spices have made their mark in every Indian household by becoming one of the most popular vegetarian dishes. However, with time, the process of making aloo gobi has changed rapidly. 

Eggplant with spices

If you want to bless your taste buds with something delicious and spicy then nothing can be better than eggplant with spices. Loaded with spices and coconut, this dish is extremely famous in Southern India. This dish is mostly popular around Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and is a staple there. Although the dish is common there is a slight difference between the two. Once you have prepared this thoroughly and consume it you will be comparing what you have been missing in your life. 

Palak Paneer

No dish can beat palak paneer when it comes to one of the most popular dishes of India, palak paneer. Paneer is known as tofu and is one of the most popular dishes. Moreover, palak paneer is very easy to make. As a result, you can enjoy it all. 

Palak Paneer when topped with some butter gets the entire taste enhanced. 

Not only veg, but there are a number of non-veg items too such as Chilli chicken, chicken Kosha, mutton curry and more that you can enjoy with roti. Every dish to enjoy with roti is extremely easy to make. Rotimatic reviews will help you get an idea of how you should prepare soft rotis in no time.