Do you know what Cannabidiol oil is and how it works?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active component that can be found in marijuana. According to the scientific data known to date, about 40% of the plant can be used to fight a variety of diseases. The Cannabis sativa, as it is known in scientific circles, is legalized in many countries (for medical purposes only). The effectiveness of CBD Oil came in front of world-media after a mother whose daughter suffered with severe epilepsy, won the right to bring Cannabidiol oil from abroad. The crises suffered by her daughter were practically extinguished.

How cannabis works in the body?

The substance acts directly on the brain, as it is the part of the body responsible for sending signals to the other organs. From this point, it is necessary to understand that there are innumerable receptors in the brain which will promote direct connection with the substances present in the ingested marijuana. It is worth mentioning that these receptors are not specific for the use of cannabis, but for any other medicine that is good for the body. In cases where there is no connection between the medicinal components and the receptors, the content ingested will not have its desired effect.

Going a little deeper, these brain receptors are known as cannabinoids. And they can be subdivided between CB1 and CB2. Turning to marijuana, it consists of two components, which are Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocarbinol (THC). Despite being found in the same plant, these elements act in a different way in the organism. THC is what causes a hallucinogenic or even psychotic effect in the users of this plant. On the other hand, Best CBD Oil is responsible for bringing relief in fighting pain, reducing tumors, anxiety attacks and epileptics. Among the two substances, the CB1 receptor is activated only by THC. This activation promotes the rapid and hallucinogenic effect of marijuana. When CBD occupies these receptors, THC is not activated, and at that moment, the body will have a chance to obtain the benefits generated by Cannabidiol oil. So the more CB1 receptors are linked with CBD, the less likely it is that marijuana will have an unwanted effect.

Myths and truths about Cannabidiol use

It is quite common for people to treat marijuana as if it were taboo. This happens more often than you might think. Even though they know that the plant can heal, many people are still left behind when they read news or watch debates about legalization of medical marijuana. However, it is necessary to remove from our mind, prejudiced thoughts that refer the use of cannabis or its derivatives, to the stoners. We are in an era where fake news travels more than the real thing. Therefore, we must be aware where we are looking for our information.