Don’t Allow a DUI Charge To Ruin Your Life

Be it your first, second, third or even fourth arrest for DUI in Laguna Hills, Orange County, the legal implications, intimidation and ramifications of the charge can be frightening. You can lose your driver’s license, your ability to find work or worse, spend time in jail. To protect yourself, you will need a great Laguna Hills DUI Lawyer.

When charged with DUI, always remember that you are innocent until prosecutors prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That means that it is up to the DA to make the charge stick. That said, you need the right legal advice whenever you arrested for DUI in Orange County.

What Do I Do Immediately I Am Charged?

Once a police officer establishes probable cause and makes an arrest, the DUI case process begins. Time is of the essence here as immediately your license is confiscated; you only have a ten-day window to schedule a DMV hearing to stop its automatic suspension within 30 days.

Do not plead guilty in court. With the right help, fighting and winning DUI charges is possible. However, you must have an experienced, expert DUI lawyer on your side. A plea of not guilty will make it possible to prove that you were not drunk, or better challenge the merits of the case in one way or another.

DUI charges in Orange County can be complicated and hard to beat so your best bet on getting them dropped is by engaging a competent, specialized and experienced law firm to represent you. A great Laguna Hills DUI Lawyer such as can be found here will significantly improve your chances of getting off the hook.

Who Do I Turn to for Help?

Never use a general or out of state DUI attorney for DWI court cases in Orange County. DUI laws here are complex and require an in-depth understanding of the legal system in particular regard. Only DUI lawyers that have the skill to navigate the very complex California DUI laws, and possess detailed knowledge of law enforcement tactics associated with Orange County law enforcement agencies, can ably represent you to a successful end.

Some of Orange County’s top-rated DUI attorneys have helped thousands of people arrested and charged for DUI either get the charges completely dropped, the charges lessened or even when dismissal or acquittal is not possible, reduced or lighter sentencing.

Don’t be fooled by the billboards and fancy ads. You can’t afford to gamble when it comes to DUI charges in Orange County and the broader state of California. Do your research first. This Laguna Hills DUI Lawyer firm, for example, is rated among the top 100 trial lawyers and America’s top 100 criminal defense attorneys. 

Final Thoughts

If charged with driving under the influence, all is not lost. All you need is a great DUI attorney and the right attitude to get you back on the road again.