Door to Moissanite: A perfect Deal for You

Let’s agree that a diamond is present, shall we? The stone of dreams imposes itself with all its shine and symbolic value. But it is a fact that the much-desired diamond usually weighs in your pocket. But know that there is a viable alternative: moissanite. This beautiful and elegant stone is a great choice for various pieces, from necklaces to earrings, including engagement rings and wedding rings. Want to know everything about this unbeatable diamond replacement? Read on!

What is moissanite?

Moissanite is a stone that has been used in the jewellery business as a substitute for diamond due to its beauty, hardness and because it has a much more competitive price. This brilliant pebble was discovered by French scientist Henri Moissan (hence the name) in Canyon Diablo, located in the US state of Arizona, in 1893. It is a mineral form of Silicon Carbide. Found in nature, it confuses even the most experienced people for having several characteristics in common with the diamond. One of the most sparkling gemstones in the world, original moissanite is extremely rare. However, in the laboratory and from the particles discovered by Moissan, accessible versions were created for purchase. From Alexander Sparks, you can find the best deals now.

What are the advantages of choosing this stone?

The main advantage of choosing Moissanite solitaire rings for your alliance, for example, is the price. You will have a beautiful and striking piece since the stone’s brilliance impresses, but for a much more affordable value.

In other words: you will not need to shell out a fortune, and practically no one will realize that it is a stone other than diamond. The savings provided by this choice can be invested in other important things for your marriage. We hope it never happens, but if you ever lose the piece, in times of theft or robbery, for example, the loss will be significantly less.

How does moissanite “lose” to diamond?

In all honesty, it is almost nothing. It is that even what could be considered a disadvantage of moissanite can be circumvented. Diamond remains the hardest stone found in nature, which makes it almost impossible to scratch. Moissanite has a slightly lower hardness but still comes out in front of precious stones like sapphire or ruby. That is, your stone will hardly be scratched!

There are differences in the brilliance because the forms of cutting of moissanite and diamond are different. In general, moissanite has a slightly more artificial shine, causing a prism effect when hit by sunlight. The bigger the stone, the greater the sparkle is.

But that is no reason to discard moissanite. The difference in price offsets the difference in brightness. Another point is that diamonds are colourless, while moissanite may have a slightly yellow or grey colour everything depends on the structure of the jewel. So, before investing a lot of money in a diamond ring, research the options in Moissanite solitaire rings. You are very likely to find the cost-benefit ratio favourable.

Celebrity Attraction

Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, these women were united not only by the scene but also by their endless love for diamonds. It is not surprising, because these rare stones are magically beautiful; the only thing that repels them is the cosmically high cost. Together with the online jewellery store Heroine made a selection of luxurious but affordable jewellery with moissanite that looks no worse than the most famous diamonds in the world Cullinan, Kohinur or Alnatta.

History of Moissanite

Moissanite, or silicon carbide, is a rare mineral that was synthesized in 1983 by Nobel laureate Henry Moissan from particles from an Arizona meteorite. Outwardly, his stones are indistinguishable from a diamond, but because of the tiny size, it was not possible to use them to create jewellery. Nevertheless, the jewellery company Charles & Colvard managed to do the impossible to recreate the mineral in the laboratory using patented technology.

The strength of moissanite is 9.25 on the Mohs scale (for a diamond – 10), after decades it will remain the same as on the day of purchase: without scratches, chips and dark spots. The best part is that thanks to the innovative Bright Spark cut, the mineral sparkles several times brighter than a diamond, but its cost is ten times lower, and sometimes 20 times lower.

June Ring

A ring with an original interweaving of tracks with moissanite is an excellent choice for those who like to wear several pieces of jewellery on one finger at a time. Generously encrusted with stones, the June ring looks incredibly gentle and versatile: they can be easily complimented with a luxurious evening dress or a simple ensemble of a classic white shirt and blue jeans.

Virginia Ring

It is reminiscent of the 1985 Solitaire design from Cartier Jewelry House, whose jewellery is preferred by the British royal family. The ring looks sophisticated and cheerful, and even if you wear the simplest dress, you will still attract attention.

Ring Electra

It’s a magnificent ring, in the centre of which yellow moissanite shines, surrounded by numerous small stones. Just for those who love catchy, but not vulgar. Such an accessory is definitely useful for special occasions, for example, for a romantic dinner in honour of Valentine’s Day, meeting his parents or exchanging vows at a wedding ceremony.

Ring Marietta

Engagement ring with large moissanite is an exact copy of the most romantic masterpiece from Tiffany. A laconic model with the purest diamond cut diamonds and six specks is considered a cult: this is the ring Franklin Roosevelt handed to his bride; it also appeared in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Marietta, of course, is not Tiffany Setting, but hardly anyone will distinguish it from the original.

Ring Mila

A ring with a large yellow cushion cut moissanite, on both sides of which are two more trillion transparent ones. A ring with a similar design flaunted on the bride’s hand of the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II on their wedding day a trifle, but nice. If you have been looking for the jewellery with solar stones for a long time, then you can pick up similar earrings, for example, Lois or Carol earrings, in a pair to the Mila ring.

Ring Nice

It’s an Emerald-cut moissanite ring, adopting Graff Diamonds Promise design. The shape of the jewellery resembles Cartier’s Grace Kelly engagement ring, worth $ 4.7 million. To put an accessory with a genuinely royal design on your ring finger is really a dream, then why deny yourself its performance?