Eco Friendly Flexible Packaging a Hot Topic for 2020

Year after year, the trend toward consumers consciously choosing products for their ecologically friendly construction grows stronger. It’s been a concept with a core audience for decades, but in the last decade the demand has really taken off because of the way ecologically friendly and sustainable choices have been able to position themselves as economically efficient. From energy saving architecture to self-generated power using solar and geothermal resources, companies are investing deeply in green solutions that save money and appeal to customers. One of the ways you can make efforts highly visible to customers while reducing your company’s carbon footprint is by looking for well-priced options for eco friendly packaging for your products.

How Important Is Green Packaging?

When it comes to the importance of sustainable packaging solutions, a lot depends on your industry. It’s a motivator for customers in many ways, but products that are easier to damage in transit find customers are more tolerant of high waste packaging that does the job of protecting the product. Some examples are appliances and glassware. For food items, though, minimizing packaging waste is essential for customers, because it’s a high volume purchase everyone needs and there are a lot of snack packaging options that are cost efficient and good for the planet.

  • Flat roll stock to seal over your items
  • Form-fit packaging for regularly sized snacks in uniform portions
  • Stand-up pouches for loose and irregularly shaped items

If you’re looking for jerky packaging you can customize to carry your brand’s appeal to customers in stores and you want to send the message that you are operating with sustainability in mind, working with a supplier who can deliver the right packaging for each sales unit you produce will mean getting your packaging faster when you need it.

Establish Your Supply Line

Regular relationships with reliable suppliers are the key to success in any manufacturing endeavor, and when it comes to the production of items like snack foods, it’s especially important. Good relationships with suppliers will mean having people who know your operation in a position to make recommendations about new options as they become available. Over time, the right packaging supplier will even develop the knowledge necessary to help you figure out solutions for new products as you design them. If you’re cooking up new ideas around jerky, trail mix, nutrition bars, and other popular healthy snacks, you need that kind of help when you’re designing new packaging. After all, your item packaging is often the first impression people get from your products when they encounter them in the world.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Finding the right way to present your product in the marketplace is one of the key practices you need to adopt in order to widen your share of the market as your business expands. Make sure you communicate your investment in sustainable operations in both your graphic content and your packaging design, and customers will intuitively grasp your sincerity. It’s a great way to marry good actions, good intentions, and good communication with your customers. That’s a strong appeal to make with a little package.