Enjoy Adventure sports during your stay in Goa

Goa is undoubtedly one of the most visited tourist spots in the country by locals and foreign travellers alike. It does offer myriads of fun-filled activities for all ages. You can explore the long golden sand coastline, wide expansive blue sea, indulge in countless dining & drinking options and engage in parties or discotheques. Either you can come here to relax, watch the world engage in different activities or be a part of the thrilling, adrenaline pumping activities. Whatever you plan to do here, do remember to book choice of accommodation at alila diwa goa.

Exciting things to do at Goa

  • Parasailing: If you had been dreaming to fly like a bird up in the air, then parasailing is the right activity to indulge in. You can defy gravity by opting for this adventure sport and get to enjoy the amazing view of the beautiful blue Arabian Sea. Winch boat parasailing is a favourite sport here, where parachute take off as well as landing takes place on a winch boat attached to the parachute’s other end. This sport can be enjoyed by couples, kids and families alike. The best time to avail this sport is between October and May as the sea then is much calmer while winds are just perfect enough to glide smoothly the parachute. Some of the places that offer parasailing include Dona Paula, Mobor, Baga Beach and Arambol Beach. There are several private operators here offering affordable packages to choose from.
  • Snorkelling & Swimming: If you are into swimming, then you should explore the depths of the ocean and check out the marine life here. You are likely to come across old wrecks, colourful corals, etc. Scuba diving in Goan waters can be stated to be a lifetime experience. It is also quite affordable when compared to the counterparts at Thailand or Maldives. You can also learn scuba diving here and get a valid certificate. You will be guided by qualified and experienced instructors. The best time to enjoy scuba diving here is between the months October and May, since the sea is not rough unlike the other months. Some of the places that offer scuba diving sessions are Agatti Island, Grande Island and Pigeon Island. Angria Bank is considered to be a world class site for scuba diving. It is located at a distance of about 120 kilometres from Goa. The other popular sites include Turbo Tunnel, Suzy’s Wreck, Davy Jones Locker\ and Sail Rock.
  • Water Scooters: They are safe as well as thrilling options for those eager to enjoy water sports, however are not experienced. This sport can be termed to be the blend of thrill and speed accompanied by riding a bike over the smooth water surface. This is a trendy and much availed water sport offered at almost all beaches here. Some of the places that offer this adventure sport are Candolim, Majorda, Cidade de Goa beaches and Dona Paula Jetty. Best season to enjoy this sport is between October and March.
  • Windsurfing: This sport combines both surfing and sailing. The rider is required to stand on a strong board and grip the attached sail firmly. He/she is to manoeuvre the board in the direction of water and wind pressure to move ahead. However, it requires perfect surfboard balancing to cruise smoothly through the blue ocean waters. For beginners, the best place to windsurf is Baga, Calangute and Candolim Beach. In case you are adventurous at heart, then you can windsurf during the afternoons rather than at morning hours. This is because, winds are much stronger in the afternoon, thereby providing surfers with more exciting challenges. Best season to windsurf is between October and March.
  • Kayaking: This calm water activity is not at all strenuous or extremely challenging, but just adventurous enough to enjoy fully. You can paddle through the rivulets, backwaters and thickets in Goa as well as get to enjoy the picturesque scenes of the day to day Goan life here. A few reputed clubs offer here a variety of seasonal options like moonlight kayaking, picnics, kayak festivals, kayak races, etc. South Goa beaches are more popular for kayaking sport. The best season is between October and May as water currents during this time is moderate and the sea quite placid. Some popular places offering kayaking sessions include Dona Paula Jetty, Palolem Beach, Nerul River, Hollant Beach, Zuari backwaters, Mandovi and Sal.
  • Mandovi River Boat Cruise & White Water River Rafting: River Mhadei or Mandovi is located at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary borders. It is among the picturesque rivers in the country. White water river rafting sport has been introduced to the public by Goa Tourism Development Corpn., thus attracting adventure enthusiasts in thousands to come here from all over the country and abroad. Participants are offered life jackets, safety equipment and some training to get prepared mentally and physically for the 10 kilometre long adventurous trip. You may also book a seat for your family on one of the luxury cruises that operate on Mandovi River. You can get a wonderful glimpse of the sunset as well as the river during the cruise ride. The two famous cruising ships are Shantadurga and Santa Monica. You can also avail live entertainment as well as get to know about Goan culture and lifestyle, the Portuguese influence in the region, etc. Some of the places to visit include Valpoi, Mhadei River and Sattari. The meeting points include Sayed Nagar and Earthern Pot Restaurant. The cruises are to be boarded at Santa Monica Pier. Best time to enjoy cruise is between October & March.
  • Water Skiing: It is one of the popular adventure sports enjoyed by tourists at Goa. You will be offered a pair of water skis to wear and attached to a speedboat. With the boat catching speed, you are required to maintain proper balance while the boat to which you are tied moves ahead pulling you along with it. Beginners are likely to find this sport to be a bit challenging. But with some practice, you are sure to enjoy this adrenaline pumping sport. Some places that offer this sport are Utorda, Arossim, Baga, Calangute and Mobor. The best time to avail this sport is between October and March as the sea is placid during this season.

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