Entertainment zone: how to create the ultimate outdoor lounge  

There is nothing more satisfying for homeowners than having a stunning outdoor area. With components like an elegant lounge, complete outdoor kitchen and stylish lighting completing the design, the perfect garden set can reinvigorate your love for the outdoors.

But to make the perfect setting you need to consider a few aspects of how it can be great. You have an idea of what you want to do, thinking about your garden, outdoor lounge chair cover and decking, but there are a few things to think about before you put your plan into effect.

Let’s take a look at these considerations below…

What is the space’s purpose?

The first thing you have to consider is this: what, exactly, is the space’s purpose? Do you and your family just want a nicer area to enjoy the summer sun? Or, are you planning on designing something that your friends and family can enjoy year-round, complete with meals cooked right there in the setting?

By carefully considering the lounge’s purpose you can start to make a proper budget and plan for where everything will go as well as avoid the risk of purchasing unnecessary goods.

Will you be cooking?

If you plan on cooking up a feast in the summer months (and even in winter) what will you be cooking? You may just want to be able to fire up the barbie for some sausages and wings whilst enjoying a beer, or you might want to take your gourmet skills to the next level and install something like a pizza oven?

The kitchen space, whilst not essential in an awesome space, can be one of the ultimate additions to a stunning garden setting – just be sure you won’t let it go to waste!

Weather protection

There is absolutely no point in creating an amazing space if it is going to be exposed to the elements. New Zealand’s weather goes through extremes, and you don’t want to create an area that is rendered unusable on a rainy day.

You have to consider your space and how you will protect it from the elements. Do you need drop down blinds to keep out the heat and chill? Does your space require an extended covering to protect you, your family and guests from the sun?

This is probably the most imperative aspect to creating a comfortable space and should be properly factored into the design.


Are you the ultimate entertainer who loves nothing more than a regular backyard shindig? Or, do you just want to have your family and a few friends around for a quiet lunch? This is how you decide on what kind of furniture setting/dining setting you need for the area.

Obviously, you’re not going to purchase a huge lounge setting if you’re just looking for a quiet place to relax – that would be a waste of your budget and the space in the lounge!

Will you have the tunes going?

Your audio-visual ideas could make or break the space’s vibe, and once again you have to consider the area’s purpose to decide on what is best for your home. Will you be having regular parties with some music-loving friends? Or will you just be having a few mates around to watch some Saturday afternoon sport?

You may require a surround sound system or just a flat screen TV – the choice is yours and always comes down to how you will be using your amazing new outdoor entertainment area!