Essential Choices for the Perfect Audio Signals

It is a wireless sound transmission system by magnetic field. An inexpensive, efficient, easy-to-use and easy-to-use solution, the magnetic loop improves the hearing quality of hearing-impaired people by eliminating ambient noise.

The principle of BIM is simple

When an electrical signal travels through a conductor, it creates a magnetic field around it. This magnetic field is the vector of the audio signal (the magnetic field variations are the faithful image of the audio signal) which is directly received by the induction coil included in the hearing aids which have the telephone function (position T). For the boucle d’induction magnétique this is important now.

Magnetic induction loop and T position

The system consists of an audio amplifier connected to a sound source (microphone, TV) and a judiciously installed conductor serving as an antenna: the loop. The low frequency audio signal is sent directly into the loop instead of being sent into a speaker. The amplifiers used must be dedicated to this type of use.

Who can benefit?

Anyone equipped with a receiver equipped with a magnetic sensor (induction coil and switch with T position): this is normally the case for all most hearing-type hearing aid, and the most of some cochlear implants. The hearing care professional must be asked to activate and set the “T position” induction coil. There are portable hearing-type receivers for people who are not wearing a hearing aid (and which allow them to benefit from the advantages of BIM What places can be equipped?

  • All public and private rooms such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, cinema, theater, places of worship and churches, individual houses and apartments, etc.

Is there a special installation?

This system is completely autonomous. In the case where the room already has a sound system, the amp of the loop can be connected. But the loop amplifier is a specific amplifier that must meet a number of criteria.

There are small portable BIMs that can be temporarily installed for meetings: the only installation to be planned is that of the conductor cable around the room (floor, regular height or ceiling) which must be installed at a height corresponding to those receivers.

The length of the cable and the power of the amp are functions of the surface to be covered.

What are the advantages for a collective use?

The transmitted audio signal is that of the microphones. It is thus devoid of the parasites, background noise and echoes that usually prevail in public rooms and undermine understanding. The sound is then clearer and the speech more intelligible. The technology used is simple and the cost of the equipment is low.

What are the advantages for domestic use?

For individual use, the magnetic loop can be installed at home. It is then used for listening to TV, radio, CD players, ringtones and telephone: a great comfort of listening without disturbing its neighbors.