Essential SEO Services Vocabulary


Analytics is a system used to analyze a set of data. In regards to SEO services in Utah, analytics include website traffic, traffic sources, revenue, and site goals. Google Analytics is the most commonly used software for analytical data collection.

Canonical Tag

A canonical tag is what tells search engines to look at a certain URL as the preferred page version. SEO services in Utah use canonical tags to help the designated URL rank hire on Google, Bing, and other search engines.


Conversions refer to when individuals on the Internet choose to purchase a product or service on a website. Conversions may also include registering for events or signing up for regular emails. The main purpose of SEO services is to generate conversions.


Indexing is the process by which data and content are organized during a site crawl. SEO services in Utah use crawling and indexing software to accelerate the SEO process.

Key Performance Indicator

A key performance indicator indicates the level at which an activity is achieving a specific SEO service goal.

Landing Page

A landing page, usually connected to a particular group of SEO service keywords, is a page made for a unique category of users. Most landing pages include a call to action, or an invitation to purchase a product.

Meta Description

A meta description is a brief description of or a snippet from a page on Google, Bing, or Yahoo visible to users. The purpose of a meta description is to provide an overview of what the page encompasses. Meta descriptions are written by SEO service professionals.


A penalty, usually enforced by Google or another search engine, is a negative impact on a site due to stuffed keywords, hidden text, spam links, or cloaking.


Queries are words typed into a search bar. In regards to SEO services, queries generate site results with keywords that are relevant to their query.


Rankings are the order of search results, usually listed by relevance to the query. However, in some cases, ads and featured snippets appear above sites that are ranked number one. Properly distributed keywords and geographical mentions (such as Utah or Salt Lake City) on a website contribute to higher search engine rankings.


Schema is a type of microdata that makes websites eligible for rich snippets. Rich snippets are brief images or phrases that answer common Google search questions, and they usually appear above all other ranked websites.


Traffic refers to the people that visit a specific website.

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