Essential tips for Blackjack 

Unlike other games like slot games and bingo, blackjack has more opportunity to use skill and strategy to win the game rather than just relying on Lady Luck to give you a helping hand! This can be one of the main attractions to some players and the game has developed over the years to be more attractive to gamblers who are seeking opportunities to win through applying mathematical strategies to their gambling at Before you dive right into playing blackjack, there are some essential tips you might want to take on board to ensure you have the best chance of winning: 

Keep a Level Head 

It’s so easy to get swept up at the moment when playing blackjack, especially when you’re in a casino with a buzz around you from the other players and the casino offer you drinks for free to fuel your fun. Be mindful of this, as this is a time-old trick by casinos to give the house more of an edge if their players take advantage of the free drinks too much and fail to concentrate on the game at hand! Alcohol also leads to increased confidence so could see you part with more money than you normally would be brave enough to bet. Instead, make sure you’re thinking clearly by enjoying drinks in moderation and concentrate instead on taking advantage of the game by studying the patterns of the cards and counting cards, which leads us to our next essential tip:  

Keep Track of Cards Layout\ 

One of the best ways to win is to take note of the proportion of the big cards in relation to the small cards following each shuffle of the deck will lead you to have an intelligent way of waging your bets. For example, if there are lots of royal cards and aces in the early rounds of the game, be mindful that it might not be the best strategy to wager larger betting amounts in the latter half of the rounds. 

Avoid Side Bets 

It’s very easy to get reeled in by the appeal of side bets, but statistically speaking you’re more likely to lose more on side bets as the house has a significant edge. They’re tempting as they don’t cost a great deal which means it’s easy to keep placing the bets even if you lose, as you only lose a small amount – but that soon mounts up! 

Know when to quit while you’re ahead 

It can be a fine line, but it’s important to know when to quit while you’re ahead, or indeed when to cut your losses when things aren’t playing out how you wished. The general rule of thumb for this is when the fun stops, it’s time for you to stop too. Also, set yourself winning and losing budgets, so you have a spectrum to work within and when you hit your winning budget, walk away with your winnings and if you, unfortunately, hit your losing budget, you know it’s time to call it quits! This avoids you losing your hard-earned winnings and avoids you losing more than you can afford.