Facts About Rabbits That Will Make You Want To Own One

Are you considering making a rabbit your newest family member? Great pick! Bunnies make perfect household pets, and they are just as valuable to us as cats and dogs. Rabbits are still one of the go-to pets for families. We’ll share with you facts about bunnies that will make you fall in love with these furry little creatures and may even convince you to own one as a pet.

Rabbits Can Easily Bond With Owners

Try asking any rabbit lover who deals with their pet on a daily basis and he can assure you that much like cats or dogs, rabbits bond with their owners very well. They remember them by their voice and by their sight, and they can also come to you when you ask them. Bunnies will also follow their owners from place to place, and when called, jump up on their laps.

Baby Bunnies (Kits) are Low-maintenance

Baby bunnies are actually called ‘kits’ as opposed to the misconception that baby bunnies are called kittens. This is one of the interesting facts about rabbits that will make you want them more. Kits are also very easy to maintain as they are very gentle and can live with eating grass. Not to mention baby bunnies are so adorable and pleasing to look at.

Rabbits Live Long

Pet bunnies can last for seven to 13 years, or even more when sheltered indoors and properly maintained for. Small-breed bunnies, when well cared for, can comfortably live in their adolescence.

A longer lifespan is an appeal for many people searching for small non-dog/non-cat pets since most of those small animals kept as pets, such as gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, and even hamsters, frequently wouldn’t survive as long.

Bunnies are Silent Pets

Whether you live in a small complex or have close neighbors, the noises of pets can be a major issue. Bunny rabbits usually make next to no sound. If you’re an active sleeper, the fact that bunnies are so silent is also perfect, and your rabbit thinks he’s just a night owl.

Bunnies Can Be Easily Trained

Bunnies are intelligent creatures and can be treated like many other pets, with sufficient supportive reinforcing. Rabbits can naturally use a litter box, much like a cat or kitten.

There are rabbits who love exercises like athletic courses and can be conditioned using clickers or fresh fruit snacks. The combinations are infinite according to the temperament and level of behavior of your rabbit.

Rabbits have Pleasing Personalities.

Individuals who have never owned a rabbit as a pet may not know that they have unique personalities in reality. These can be sweet, loving, and highly interactive pets.

Once you pick a rabbit as a companion, spend some time getting to know him before you plan to take him home and make sure his temperament blends in with yours. Many bunnies, much like more conventional dogs, are excitable and adventurous whilst others might be more quiet and relaxed.

Rabbits keep a Regular Schedule.

When you have a normal job throughout the week, the routine for your bunny would be completely aligned with yours. Rabbits are “crepuscular ” animals — the most active in the morning and throughout the night — so they’ll be able to interact happily with you before and after work, and to chase you around and wait for food.

Rabbits would be less engaged when you are sleeping or out. But be careful, they want to stick to their routine, and on weekends they can assume the same feeding period as well.


Can you imagine a more adorable companion than a quirky little rabbit? While bunnies aren’t ideal pets for everyone, if a household provides the resources and money (for food, accommodation, and health care) accessible to a rabbit and is eager to know about such animals’ needs until acquiring one, a bunny may be a fantastic addition to a caring household.