Famous casino losses

This is one casino list we could bet nobody would like to be on. While there’s a plethora of information out there on the famous casino wins – what about the famous casino losses? There have been some real whoppers out there that you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of. Let’s explore them – follow this link.

£500,000 by Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is best known for football and scandalous dalliances, but he’s also a well-known gambler. He took things one step further during a night in a city casino where, according to reports, he arrived at midnight and threw away £500,000 in a couple of hours. With two games. 

Sure, he might have this kind of money to blow, but it’s certainly a huge loss most of us wouldn’t want to face. According to witnesses, he lost the money in a blackjack game and roulette games. Some media reports have suggested Colleen was, rightly, furious when she found out. 

Everything by Michael Vick 

This is a well-known story from across the pond in the US, but it’s not well known elsewhere in the world, until now. A former NFL player, Michael Vick lost a huge amount of money along with his reputation and freedoms after taking part in games involving illegal gambling. 

After getting into a mess, he took around 10 years to sort things out. He was imprisoned for financing and arranging dog fighting rings. Pleading guilty to multiple charges, he was suspended from the NFL almost immediately without pay and was forced to pay back $19.97 million to the Falcons. 

£14 million by Charles Barkley 

The 1993 MVP and NBA all-star Charles Barkley has a reputation for his love of gambling. He managed to lose all of the millions he made in his 16 years in the league due to his problem gambling. In fact, the sports star is known for his serious gambling addiction. 

Despite this, he didn’t think it was an issue since he believed he could afford to lose huge amounts. Even stating in one interview he’d lost $2.5 million in one blackjack game. But, his losses amassed to $20 million dollars in the end. He apparently still gambles now, in moderation. 

£11 million by Harry Kakavas 

A famous casino losses list just wouldn’t be complete without the sad tale of Harry Kakavas being mentioned. Likely the most famous loser in the history of casino games, this guy wagered £1 billion in 15 months. While he didn’t lose all casino games, he did waste £11 million. More than he could afford to. 

The huge loss was expected as he struggled for many years with problem gambling. He stopped for a while but went back to things and lost it all. He’s now back to selling real estate and says he is “Doing OK.” In the end, it takes big money to make big losses. Gamble sensibly, and you won’t be hit by the bad side of this double-edged sword.