Features And Specifications Included In The Recent Model Of Hero Duet

The sales rate of the hero duet in India is tremendously increased than compared with the previous years. The recently introduced new hero duet is exactly what the people expect. The features and specifications installed in this model are perfectly suitable for the daily ride to college or work. For every time, peoples have been eagerly waiting for the date of new bike launch to enjoy a wide range of benefits included in it.

The style and abundant choice of colors can make the riders to get excited. The sales rate of the hero duet grew by 30 percent when compared with the corresponding month last year. The excellent specifications nestled in the bike improve the travel experience of the cutsomers. Continue reading for grabbing furthermore interesting facts about hero duet.

Overview Of Hero Duet VX 

Hero duet is expected to become a highly growing scooter market in India. People have a lot of expectations and excitements regarding the advanced features equipped in-hero duet. The performance offered by the hero duet can beat the traditional scooters in India. The path followed by the Hero has been changed for obtaining the latest and exclusive design. More and more customers can be easily attracted towards the hero duet review and engaged to purchase the vehicle at an affordable cost.

Braking And Suspension Of Latest Hero Duet 

The latest Hero duet front and rear wheel are launched with 130mm drum brake. When comes to the suspension of the scooter, the telescopic forks and monoshock absorber are used at the front and rear. The competitors of the hero duet get setup because they are launched with older technologies and maximum price tags.

Engine And GearBox Of Hero Duet 

The engine of the hero duet is quite similar to the newly established Maestro edge. The motor capacity of the engine is 110.9 cc and a single-cylinder unit producing 8.3 NM @ 6,500 rotation per minute and 8.31 BHP @8,000 rotation per minute. The engine of the hero duet is mated with an automatic transmission and it gets a weight of 115kg than compared with the normal scooters available in the market.

Style And Design Of Hero Duet 

The side view of the Hero duet can be manufactured by non-traditional design but the common pattern is followed at the front side. The major differences are easily identified in the center body because the scooter can come up with chrome V-lining. It offers a strong and shiny look that can attract the customers easily from its first impression. The body color of Hero duet can be quite impressive than compared with the traditional scooters.

Safety And Convenience Of Hero Duet 

The comfort and convenience level of the hero duet can be raised with a mobile charging socket, luggage hooks, and under-seat lamp. The safety is further raised with the availability of an integrated braking system for tubeless tyres and efficient sudden braking. The weight of the scooter has been raised for making a stable ride.

Hero duet scooty price is affordable and it has been highly preferred by most of the customers because of its improved specifications. The sales rate of the scooter is enhanced and it overcomes its competitors effectively.