Finding the right employment attorney in New Jersey

Dealing with workplace disputes can be hard. When you are up against your employer and want to retain your job, it is important to seek legal advice from an expert. Workplace harassment and discrimination cases are on the rise in many states. A lot of such cases are not reported, because employees don’t want to be labeled as troublemakers or lose their positions. If you have suffered harassment or have an employment dispute, do not delay in calling an attorney. The right employment attorney New Jersey can guide on your rights and the best course of action ahead. In this post, we are sharing more on when you should call a lawyer and how to find the right option in NJ. 

When to call an employment lawyer?

You definitely need an attorney, if

  • You were wrongfully terminated
  • You suffered sexual harassment at work
  • Your employer has failed to take action after you filed a complaint with HR
  • You were denied salary and overtime benefits
  • You were denied leave 
  • You suffered discrimination because of age, color, sex, gender, or race
  • You suffered discrimination because you are pregnant

In addition to dispute-related matters mentioned above, you also need an employment attorney for- 

  1. Reviewing employment contracts
  2. Understanding your rights as an employee 

How to find the right employment lawyer in NJ?

Your best bet is to ask around. References are really handy for comparing and choosing between lawyers. If you don’t have that, check online. Many employment lawyers have their websites these days, and they are easily accessible for a meeting. When you meet an attorney for the first time, ask the right questions like –

  1. How long have you been practicing as an employment lawyer in NJ?
  2. Have you handled cases comparable or similar to mine?
  3. Will you handle my case personally?
  4. How strong is my case? How long can it take to settle?
  5. What are the costs related to the case?

Many employment attorneys work by the hour, and they will give a fair estimate in advance, along with other costs related to investigation and litigation, as necessary. For selected cases, lawyers do work on a contingency basis in NJ, and you don’t need to pay the attorney, until they win the case. 

Ensure that the employment attorney selected by you has good reviews online. Also, if you want to know a lawyer better, you can ask for references. Paying a tad more for an attorney with skills and experience is never a bad idea.