Finer Stands for the Pregnancy Treatment

If you have any doubts about your fertility or that of your partner, do not wait and ask for a free first visit to have a diagnosis and, if you really want it, do not deprive yourself of trying to get pregnant with fertility treatment. We will be by your side to fight with you for this dream of being a mom.

You may be interested to know that difficulties in conceiving come from men as well as women. It is estimated that in Spain there are some 600,000 couples with fertility problems.

In some 240,000 cases, the cause is female, in many others it is male, and in another 120,000, the origin of the problem is never known. For click here this is important.

An Accurate Diagnosis

Male infertility can occur when there is a decrease in sperm count, when sperm cannot be released, or when they don’t “work” properly.

How can you know that the semen is fine? In pharmacies you can buy a test that measures the concentration of sperm in semen.

  • However, to achieve a completely reliable diagnosis, the correct thing is to perform a spermiogram in a medical center, which will tell us the volume of semen, the number of sperm and how many of them have a correct appearance in both shape and movement.
  • Scientific studies show that people who have more concerns about time, work or money are less fertile than those who live more relaxed.
  • For this reason, couples with problems getting pregnant should take a good vacation, provided they know how to choose a quiet destination.

People who have more worries are less fertile than those who live relaxed

Stress hormones are opposite to those of sexuality and fertility, because in nature animal organisms interpret emotional stress as being synonymous with an environment not favorable for procreation.

In this way, the human body is designed so that, if the conditions are not favorable, procreation is deferred until a better time comes. Therefore, the type of stress that really should be avoided is sustained stress.

Choose well what we eat

The optimal diet for reproduction is the same that we should follow to be healthy, although there may be nuances in terms of vitamins and trace elements essential for fertility.

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Doesn’t pregnancy come? Check your habits

Consume preferably foods from your area , as they will probably be fresher, less manipulated to prolong their expiration date. If possible, they should be organic (grown without chemicals) and whole (unrefined).

It is convenient to consume:

Varied vegetables and fruits , in types and colors, to ensure a diverse supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Omega-3 is essential for fertility and improves semen quality. It can be obtained from walnuts, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.

The rest of the fats in the diet also matter, a study conducted in the United States published in the journal Human Reproduction has shown that excess saturated fat has an adverse effect on fertility.