Fireworks Frenzy Gameplay Review

Can you think of many other things in the modern human world that are quite as exciting as fireworks? We’re honestly not so sure. Seriously, go and watch an absolutely incredible fireworks display and we are willing to bet you won’t be able to think of many things more exciting any time soon. The sheer wonder caused by those exploding colours, vividly bursting across the sky in red, yellow, pink and green… you just cannot beat it! Fireworks are widely recognised to have been invented by the Chinese sometime around 1000 AD, and were originally made to ward away evil spirits – oh how times have changed, eh? Nowadays they are pretty much exclusively used for entertainment purposes.

Of course, fireworks have had an interesting history over the years, even ending up with their own night, in the British calendar at least. Oh yes, bonfire night is celebrated every year with a copious quantity of fireworks, and all because of one Guy Fawkes who tried (and failed) to blow up the houses of parliament in 1605. This moment has remained a vivid picture in the nation’s consciousness, what better way to celebrate it than letting off a load of fireworks? Whether you like it or not, these colourful little rockets have become an insanely popular way to celebrate different occasions, and there is therefore no surprise that the online slot industry has cottoned on to the fact. There are a fair few titles that take China as inspiration, thus making mention of fireworks, but you will rarely come across a title completely preoccupied with these things. Enter Fireworks Frenzy, a slot game you can play now at Slots Baby which is completely obsessed with those colourful rockets. Let’s take a better look, shall we? 

About Fireworks Frenzy and its Aesthetic 

So, as you will certainly expect from a game with the title Fireworks Frenzy, this slot is completely inspired by the displays that we can see on nights like Bonfire Night, New Years Eve and Thanksgiving. As such the screen background is a dimly lit nighttime sky, with the silhouette of a city much like London or New York City visible at the bottom. We loved this touch, as it immediately evokes the atmosphere of a huge celebratory fireworks display, much like we see all around the world when the clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve. There is also a large crescent moon visible, and, of course, a variety of exploding fireworks, meaning that this game is exciting right from the get go. All of this goes on behind the fairly standard 5 reel and 3 row reel configuration, one that also possesses 25 pay lines. In a nice touch from the developer Eyecon all of these pay lines can be active at once, meaning that ambitious and brave gamblers have the option to try and win seriously big. 

Now, we’re not even sure we have to elucidate on what the various symbols are going to look like during Fireworks Frenzy, because it should be pretty obvious what they are going to look like. In any case, we’re not ones to skimp out on our descriptions, so here is a rundown on the various icons you are going to encounter whilst spinning those reels. As is becoming standard in the online slots universe, the low paying icons are made up of a selection of high value playing card symbols running from 9 to Ace. Fireworks Frenzy only has three higher value symbols, something many experienced slot gamblers might be a little unhappy about, however we are of the opinion that it simply makes the gameplay easier and therefore more fun. Keep an eye out for a set of rockets, yellow explosion and a multi-coloured, far more exciting explosion. 

About Fireworks Frenzy and its Bonus Features 

That’s the standard symbols out of the way in Fireworks Frenzy, now it’s time to turn our attention to the wild and scatter icons available during the game. First off, Eyecon have opted for a Catherine Wheel firework to be the game’s wild, and thinking about it we’re not sure there is actually anything more perfect for the task – Catherine Wheels are simply brilliant! As is usually the case this can swap with any other symbol but the scatter, and it also provides a 3x multiplier to all wins too, cannot argue with that. Chinese crackers are what Eyecon have opted to denote the scatter symbol, something that will send you through to a variety of different tantalizing bonuses. 

Anyone familiar with the slot games from Eyecon will know that these guys absolutely don’t mess about when it comes to making sure their titles are filled to the brim with special features, and Fireworks Frenzy is no different. The free spin bonus is one you will end up encountering the most, and is triggered when at least 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. You could earn up to 25 free spins if you are lucky! Amazingly the wild symbol is also rather common during these free spins, meaning that you can end up multiplying your winnings by 3x as well. Another great feature in Fireworks Frenzy that we often see in the online slot universe is the gamble feature, something that could see you double your overall winnings. Be careful though, because it could also result in you losing everything… Not great. 

About Eyecon and Other Slots by Them 

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Fireworks Frenzy: Worth It? 

Fireworks Frenzy is a great slot on the face of it, especially if you enjoy fireworks. One thing we were slightly underwhelmed by, however, is the limited range of bonus features. 000