Five Common Places Where Car Accidents Happen

Car accidents can occur anywhere and suddenly. But, some places are more prone to accidents than others in Grand Junction, Colorado. That is why drivers should stay vigilant while behind the wheel in the most common places where accidents happen to avoid collisions. If you get into a car accident in Grand Junction, find out how an experienced Car Accident Lawyer Grand Junction can help you. Below are the places where car accidents usually happen:


Intersections have drivers confused about who has the right-of-way. Not knowing who has the right-of-way can result in drivers making risky turns that could cause side-impact collisions.

 Intersections are places where traffic in various directions intersect. Accidents that take place at intersections include drivers speeding, running red lights, making improper left turns, rolling through stop signs, drunk driving, and not yielding to the right-of-way.  These accidents are usually serious to catastrophic including T-bone or head-on accidents. Also, they usually involve vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. Those who are in these accidents can suffer injuries such as brain and spinal cord injuries. 

Rural Highways

Although rural highways don’t see a lot of traffic flow, these are where many single-vehicle accidents can happen. Because of a lack of traffic, drivers become inattentive and veer off the side of the road. Also, these areas can have spotty road maintenance, which can also cause collisions. 

Parking Lots

Drivers need to be attentive when navigating parking lots.  However, a lot of them are negligent or distracted while driving in these places. They may cut pedestrians off, speed, ignore parking lot rules, back up without looking, or not driving on the right way. Accidents in parking lots that involve two vehicles may not be serious because of low operating speeds; however, they can still lead to expensive property damage. And the damages could be serious if the accident involves a pedestrian. 

Urban Highways

Busy highways are prone to fender benders and catastrophic vehicle accidents. Fender benders are usually common during rush hour with heavy traffic. They occur when a driver tailgate, follows too closely, drives while distracted, or makes an unsafe lane change.  Usually, rear-end collisions on highways lead to whiplash and head trauma. 

Near Home

Car accidents usually happen near the victim’s home because pedestrians and cyclists may be walking or biking close to home. Also, a lot of drivers tend to be complacent while driving when they get close to their homes. They may go into autopilot and not pay as much attention to the road. Also, accidents near home happen because drivers fail to look while backing out of their driveway.