Five point that you should Consider While Purchasing a Fume Extraction Device

Nowadays, well trained and skilled welders can easily select a location where they want to work. When a technician chooses location they always focus on clean and healthy environments. To get safe and clean work environments, you should have the best fume extraction device. This device offers many advantages like reduce operation expenses, etc. The welding fume extractor helps to reduce the maintenance cost of the company and equipment.

To select an extraction device, the company needs to consider some things. Here you are going to know 5 points that you should consider.

Tips to buy or choose a fume extraction device

  1. Airflow:

The first thing that you need to consider is that airflow. Technician give rate of extraction system according to how much amount of cubic feet of air it purified and circulates each minute. However, the manufacturer analyzes and advertises the qualities of welding fume extractor. The right amount of airflow depends on the factors of the device.

  1. Filters:

Filters are the crucial factor that you have to look while buying a fume extraction device. Many devices are made with filters that can’t collect micro-particle from the air. You need to buy a system that has a filter, which cleans all particles found in the welding process or fumes from the air. The standards filter need less maintenance cost and cleaning therefore you don’t need to replace it earlier.

  1. Types of fume extraction device:

There are three types of devices available- engineered system, PAPRs, and source capture system. However, the company always focuses on the safety of workers. The engineered system is expensive to provide protection and safety. In this system fan install and ductwork to reduce harmful welding fumes. Source captures remove fumes from the arc and filter it. So you should choose the device according to your requirements.

  1. Self-cleaning or disposable:

The welding fume extractor has disposable units so you need to clean the system every time after reaching capacity. But in the self-cleaning, the technician doesn’t need to clean filter and system because it cleans itself. You should choose a self-cleaning device that reduces cost and time.

  1. Another consideration:

The technician needs to consider some other points such as accessibility of filter and easy to use, maintenance, etc. You should also consider the noise of the system that generates during operate the device.

Maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere is really important for employees. You can also ask the for the best device.