Four reasons why you should start using cold process soap right now!

Over the counter, soaps are sometimes the culprit behind the harshness in our skin, and we don’t even realize it! Because soaps are used so much that we don’t ever stop for a moment to think about what implications they might have for our health and skin. Because it is just soap, right? What else and what possible reactions could there be in the soap? Well, soap is the primary and most used method to clean everything from your hand to skin.

It is our primary protection against germs and bacteria. So it is quite essential to know about them! So if you are someone with quite sensitive skin, there is this recent revolution of cold process soaps. They are being described as the natural alternative to industrially made soaps! So let’s find out the cold process soap benefits and reasons why you should start using them right now!

cold process soap moisturizes the skin very deeply

One of the secrets behind a natural and smooth looking skin is getting all the necessary moisturizing right into your skin.  But what happens with regular industrial soaps is that neither are they able to get the moisture to the skin and nor do they can go very deep to moisturize the skin. They rather make the skin dry as industrial soap rather tends to make the hands quite dry and takes away the moisture as well.

So it is better than cleaning your hands with cold process soap rather than doing it with regular soaps. These soaps are making them dry and vulnerable to irritation. If you use cold process soaps regularly, you are likely to see some drastic changes to the way your skin feels. It will feel a lot smoother than usual in no time!

It preserves the ingredients of beneficial properties.

As you already know, the cold process soap is made with natural ingredients. Essential oil makes an important place in its list of ingredients. But what makes the cold process soap different than any other soap that it does not only preserve the aroma of these essential oils.

It rather preserves another benefit that oil extraction brings. So if you use the cold process soaps, you are not just getting a nice bath with lots of aromas; you are also giving some great nutrients to your skin as well.

Cold process soap is quite soothing

As we mentioned already, essentials oils are used into cold process soap, it is also quite soothing once you get a nice bath with it. There are plenty of soaps available out there claiming to be great and full-on essential oil’s aroma.

But in reality, they only retain a fraction of their original fragrance. But cold process soap is so good at keeping and preserving the aroma that you forget you have had a bath. It will feel like you have instead taken a full-on soothing aromatherapy season. Yes, it is so good at making you feel relaxed!

Decide what ingredients you want to put there.

Yes, you can control everything from what ingredients you want to put into your soap. You decide to try out making a cold process soap at home. You can make it with so many different natural ingredients you want to. It is not just the essential oils; you can even pick your color as well! Yes, you can make it into any color from burgundy to even bright yellow, if you want to. You can customize the design and decide which size you want it to be. This way, you can make sure there is nothing harmful in it for your skin.