Games and the Online Popularity

Just because a player installs a free game does not mean that he will spend hundreds or maybe thousands of hours in it. There must be a bond between the product and man. Brandon and Marc knew exactly what to do. From the very beginning they focused on the community.

The Game 

At the first exhibitions during the gaming fair talked a lot with players. They gave a lot of giveaway. They showed that they respect their client. In this way they built bond and trust. They were also able to compensate players for their every mistake.


During the elimination to the second edition of the international tournament “League of Legends World Championship” Riot Games faced problems with access to the network. As a result, one battle between Counter Logic Gaming and World Elite lasted 10 hours. And it wasn’t finished. And a lot of people gathered at the tournament. 

Fans who wanted a settlement

Brandon went on stage, informed about problems, explained, apologized. He had no simple task. But he knew marketing. He offered the viewers a refund (in the background a buzzing sound), cards with codes for Riot Points worth $ 25 (here you can hear wild screams) and this was not the end. They gave away all items from their shop for free. They also ordered pizza for everyone present. Now with tft rank boost you can have the best choices available.

Community? They built it but did not control it

With a sore heart, League of Legends fans can be called a community. Although today it is less, usually instead of greeting, greetings or any human interactions, entering the game you could find out what opponents think about us, our family, etc. etc. Unfortunately, LoLa used to be played mainly by immature children.

In League of Legends there is a ranking system that somewhat saves you from the above situations. The truth is, the higher we get in the league, the unpleasant individuals’ rate decreases significantly. 

Unfortunately never to zero

For this reason, the game quickly entered the possibility of reporting players. And do you know who decided at the beginning who and how to punish? Players. There was a so-called “Court”, to which few could get. What an idea. Another foundation for a powerful community. It’s one of the things that made League of Legends fans feel that they are in their own world. Not somebody else. They rule here.

Where does this whole phenomenon come from? Not only because they were nice to players

The phenomenon of League of Legends was built largely thanks to e-sport. He attracted people. At the beginning they were small, poorly organized tournaments. It was total chaos.