Get the Best Gloves for Your Adventures

Gloves are essential equipment in the mountains and cold conditions. We will explain the types and some tricks to help you choose yours.

They are responsible for protecting and protecting our hands, and without them, in most cases, we never even dreamed of going out to the mountains. But protection from the cold and elements is not the only goal of gloves:

Need protection

But our hands are one of the essential tools in the mountains. This protection cannot prevent us from conducting activities.

From ice axes and carabiners to zippers, you have to grab and handle everything with your hands. Therefore, differences are depending on the type of gloves. As a rule, mountaineers need more agility in their hands than alpine skiers, mountaineers, and hikers. 

Smartwool Unisex Adjustable Merino Wool Spring Glove is suitable gloves for hiking trips. They have a fully reinforced grip area (and maximum friction area) and a thicker material that is more resistant to prevent rubbing and injury with fingers. Gloves are not perfect for this activity in the air. It is recommended to leave it to the cyclist or gymnast as the first two phalanges of each finger are exposed.

It is a light glove, and its structure, material composition, and design make it possible to handle what you usually have when you go hiking without significantly reducing the mobility of your hands and fingers: backpacks, GPS, mobiles, cameras, poles, and more.

Smartwool Unisex Adjustable Merino Wool Spring Glove are made of hard-to-tear, thick, complex, and hard to pierce, so forget about wool and suede gloves.


  • High quality and lightweight material.
  • The thumb and index finger are finished with a piece of conductive fabric.
  • Small silicone dots on the palm improve grip.
  • Velcro closure keeps the wrist tightly closed.
  • Breathable material to improve airflow.

Conclusion: Gloves are an essential element of winter and mountain activities in adverse conditions. Both hands and feet are cold areas because they are at the end of venous return away from the heart, and therefore their blood frequency is not the same as the trunk.