Get the perfect modular kitchen with these amazing tips!

Your home deserves a functional and stylish kitchen. Instead of going for a basic layout, you can consider the idea of a modular kitchen. A modular kitchen is not just sleek, but also utilizes the available space in the most purposeful way, offering space for everything you need. Since all things are out of sight, your kitchen will never feel unorganized or messy. If you check for modular kitchen designs catalogue with any interior service, the number of choices would surprise you.

There are practically endless possibilities, and all you need is a design team that can evaluate your home and expectations and come up with a tailored plan. Below is a quick list of tips on how to get the perfect modular kitchen.

Plan the layout

The layout of your modular kitchen is important. There are four basic choices – parallel, U-shape, L-shape and One-wall. You can also add an island to any of these layouts. The layout is best decided by the size and space of the area. If you have a small kitchen or don’t require a lot of storage, you could do enough with a one-wall design, where all the elements and cabinets are aligned to one wall.

Consider maintenance

Kitchen is the most used and functional part of the house, and we strongly suggest that you check for maintenance needs in advance. For instance, certain countertop materials, such as white marble are porous and prone to staining. You need to be sure that the investment will make sense beyond the initial look in the long run.

Make the most of the walls

One of the core aspects of a sleek modular kitchen is the way space is utilized. Make the most of the space on the wall, especially above the counter. From simple modules and cabinets, to pull out drawers and corner solutions, there are varied ways to maximize storage. Find a design company that can understand your storage needs and offer a comprehensive, tailored design.

Think of durability

Certain materials such as cheap plywood and engineered wood don’t last long, and you may need to redesign the entire kitchen in just few years. Always invest in modular kitchens that are meant to last, at least for a decade or more. If that means paying a tad more, you should consider that as an investment.

Beware of white surfaces

Kitchen is one of the most used areas of your home, where you would be cooking gravies, cleaning veggies and doing the dishes. Keep in mind that spills and splashes are rather common. While a while finish for the backsplash, cabinets, and countertops may seem great on paper and in look books, this might not be a practical choice for most homes.

Don’t miss the need for appliances

A few appliances, such as the microwave, refrigerator, should be placed in the kitchen, and ideally, these should be a part of the modular setup. Check with the design team as you can have special sections for these appliances, and you can also consider to have some extra open space for smaller appliances, such as the electric kettle and mixer.

Final word

Don’t select a modular kitchen design because it looks sleek. Functionality is always a key aspect that you have to consider, and we strongly suggest that you find a design service that can customize ideas for your home.