Getting assistance for the H-1B visa process: Hire an attorney!

Before anything else, let’s start by understanding the H-1B visa program. The H-1B visa program allows employers in the US to hire foreign workers, for jobs and roles for which local talent is not available. The H-1B visa is an employer-sponsored visa, which means that the US company hiring the worker must pay the visa fees and complete the due application process. H-1B visa holders can work and stay in the US for three years, which can be further extended up to six years. A H-1B visa holder may apply for a green card to become a citizen of the US after the end of the visa period. 

The need for specific expertise with H-1B visa

Since the whole process of applying and getting the H-1B visa can be complicated and confusing, many professionals and US companies prefer to take assistance from immigration lawyers. Hiring a Dallas H-1B Visa attorney can help you understand the process and complete documentation without any mistakes. The whole process is time sensitive, so seeking professional help always helps. 

Knowing the cap

There is a cap to the H-1B visas issued every year. The cap was at its peak in the early 2000s, but for now, the cap is fixed at 65,000 for regular applicants. There are also 20,000 H-1B visas available for those who have earned their master’s degree from a university in the US. A lottery is done to pick applicants, and those with a master’s degree from US universities have a chance to get selected both from the regular applicant lottery and pool of advanced US degree holders.

Why hire an attorney for the H-1B visa process?

While this is entirely a personal call for applicants to hire an H-1B visa attorney, the advantages of these services cannot be denied. Attorneys keep an eye on the entire process and can help employers in keeping up with the timeline. A good H-1B visa attorney will take over and ensure that an employer or applicant doesn’t make any serious mistake that can affect their application. Just make sure that you hire a firm that deals specifically in H-1B visas, and don’t forget to ask questions related to the services they provide. 

With assured help and guidance, getting through the H-1B visa process doesn’t have to be complicated. They can also guide on the premium processing that can reduce the required time for getting the H-1B visa, while staying compliant.