Granite for Countertops – Is it Worth the Hype? 

There are many beautiful choices for countertops. Quartz, marble, and granite are the leading three. Today, it’s the qualities of granite that we are going to discuss – the qualities that make granite countertops invaluable additions to kitchens and bathrooms. Let’s quickly dive in and explore the answers. 

  1. The Variety Will Steal Your heart 

You’d be amazed at the variety that granite has to offer. Whether it’s the finish, the hues, or the patterns, granite is an absolute beauty. Some of the best varieties of granite can be explored at Granite au Sommet. Other than classic whites, blacks, and greys, granite is also available in browns, black-browns, blues, emerald greens, and blue-greens. They can be plain as well as veined and dotted. 

  1. You’ll be Able to Afford Granite 

Granite is probably one of the very rare materials that’s available in a wide range of prices – it can range from very cheap to very expensive. The prices vary so much since some granite stones are very rare. Some are from India, some from China, America, Europe, and so on. Rarity is one factor that decides the cost. Also, the thickness of the slab matters when it comes to the final cost. 

Having said that, the plus side about so much price variation is that everybody finds something that’s well within their budget. 

  1. Sealed Granite is Non-Porous

This is probably the one feature that makes granite so suitable for bathroom vanities. Imagine having a vanity that absorbs water. What would happen to such materials in the bathroom that’s the wettest room in the house? You don’t have to worry about this when your vanities are made of sealed granite. 

The reason that interior decorators insist on sealing granite before installation is that granite in its raw form can absorb liquid. However, once laminated, it doesn’t absorb water. Naturally, it doesn’t absorb moisture either. 

All in all, you won’t have to deal with rotting or the bad smell of moisture. 

  1. Granite Maintains Hygiene

The lapse of hygiene is the reason that people fall Ill frequently. If you have kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities made of granite, the hygiene quotient will automatically improve. The reasons are as follows. 

  1. Granite won’t fester fungus or any other kind of organic growth as a matter of fact. 
  2. No moisture would mean no germs. 
  3. Since it is non-porous, it won’t absorb stains either. No stains means no flies. 

Such little things improve hygiene on a greater level. Now you should know why people actually knead bread and chop vegetables directly on top of the granite countertops – they are neat and clean and tidy. 

To sum up, picking granite countertops will not just give your house a greater aura of sophistication and brilliance, but the countertops will also last for decades.