Greater Details for the best Sports Betting Now: Different Kinds

Remember that even the strongest teams in 토토 라이프 sports betting lose, and when that happens it’s better than just a small portion of your bankroll and not all of it.

  • Good device to impose discipline when betting
  • Limits subjectivity when defining the amount to be wagered
  • Allows you to survive unlucky times by decreasing possible losses
  • Continuous and gradual banking growth

We would like to introduce two more interesting concepts that may be useful for your learning, after all, you will surely bump into them soon:


(Betting with certain profit) Surebet is a bet with certain profit, meaning if you bet a proportional amount on each of the results you will have guaranteed profit. This type of betting is virtually impossible to find on just one site, so you need to bet on 1 or more sites. Here’s the formula for finding surebet:

Surebet: 1 / quota 1 + 1 / quota 2 + 1 / quota n <1. That is, that the sum of the odds of the quotes does not reach 100%.

Let’s take the example:

Cruzeiro x Bahia

Betting odds are 1.50 at for Cruzeiro, while at Betboo we find a quotation of 6.00 for the draw and at Sportingbet Bahia is paying 9.00. Note that by using the formula above, we get to 94.44%, so we have a surebet in our hands. Let’s say we have $ 100 to bet on, and by betting $ 70.59 on Cruzeiro, $ 17.65 on a draw and $ 11.76 we will have a profit of $ 5.88 regardless of the outcome. Make the calculations and prove it. So this is a surebet case, meaning whatever the outcome of the game will be a profit.


A valuebet is what may be called a value bet. The quota indicates an estimate of probability of a result. A valuebet occurs when a quota is more favorable than usual. The valuebet is calculated using the probability percentage and the share offered by the house. The great thing about Valuebets is that you need to know how to estimate the real probability of an event happening, and those requires a lot of study, but let’s take a look at Valuebet’s formula:

Formula: Value bet = Quota x Probability (%) / 100. If the result is equal to or greater than 1, then it is a value bet.

Example: Tennis match between Federer (odds 1.5) and Djokovic (odds 2.2). According to probability calculation, Federer has a 75% chance of winning. However, the quota offered by the house is at 66% and because of this, the quota is 1.5 when it should be 1.33. If you use the formula, you will prove.

Valuebet = (1.5 x 75/100) / 100 = 1.12.

That is: betting on Federer is a good bet, a valuebet.

Based on statistics and probabilities, there is another method, the Kelly system. It determines the percentage of your bankroll that you should bet. To do this, take your bank account into account and calculate the ratio according to the quota the house offers and the probability it estimated.