Greater Details for the Perfect Dog Fence

The composite wood fence is very trendy and design. This fence is particularly resistant and does not require any maintenance. On the downside, a price is more important than models PVC or mesh. Adopting this style of the fence is certainly an investment, but it is largely offset by the many properties of the material and its long life. The composite wood offers a careful rendering and fits wonderfully with traditional and contemporary joinery.

The aluminum fence

If you dream of a colored dog fence, the aluminum fence is needed. Available in multiple colors, it is also light and requires no maintenance. Its design and the contemporary side may not be to everyone’s taste. Its price can also cool the smaller budgets. Designed to standard dimensions or entirely made to measure, this fence today is of quality because it is resistant to climatic aggressions and UV. Many appreciate its clean lines and its neat rendering.

  • The blackout or claustra panel is usually made of wood but also available in aluminum. The blackout panels are essentially intended to separate spaces and to protect them from vis-à-vis.
  • An advantageous aesthetic highlighting the terrain, the trellis protects very well against animals and wind. The pose remains relatively simple, on poles sealed in the ground or on a low wall.

Why choose aluminum over another material?

Robustness, elegance, and design are the words that best describe aluminum.

The wooden fence

For lovers of raw materials, the natural wood fence has an incomparable warmth and presents an ecological solution. However, wooden fences need to be repainted or rather stained once a year, and their price can be significant if you want a sturdy wood. Remember that particularly robust exotic woods are transported thousands of kilometers before being stored in carpenters, which of course affects prices. On the other hand, massive hardwoods such as oak are harder to work than whitewoods such as pine or fir. The wood requires regular maintenance to be reserved for small pitches or short pitches.

The wrought iron fence

Classic and timeless, the wrought iron fence is the elegance solution par excellence. It offers various shapes, but requires regular maintenance to prevent it from rusting. For tailor-made, waiting times can be long, and the price is that of the medium or high-end of many other materials. This type of fence is particularly suitable for an old house, an atypical place, a charming residence already valued by exterior carpentry well worked. The know-how is related to the craftsmanship. Ironwork remains a profession where talent can express itself freely, which gives the possibility to appeal to an artisan who can create a model of fence as aesthetic as original.

The plant fence

The most discreet and easiest solution to melt in your garden, the natural plant fence is to think with a landscaper and it is for the most patient: trees and shrubs require time to grow. Many varieties allow hiding a vis-à-vis or delimiting a property. Thuja, laurel, etc. form a plant-friendly viewport and structure the green spaces by highlighting the flower beds. Flowery hedges, cut hedges, specific mono hedges are ideally integrated into the environment. Only disadvantage, this fence requires an annual maintenance to maintain balanced foliage on all the desired height, and to respect the obligations as for its height.