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Albert Camus was the youngest person who won the Nobel Prize in literature after the Second World War. He won Nobel Prize in 1957 at the age of 44 in 1960, and the second youngest person who won Nobel Prize in literature. He died in an accident

His Early Life

Albert Camus has born in 1913 in France. He also lost his father in same year. His teacher helped him to attend the high school with the scholarship to know his talents. He used to do part-time job for studies and did his study very seriously to achieve his goals.

Encounter with literature

He met to a high school teacher named Jean Gournier and inspired by his book (The Isolated Island and Andre de Richeau). Then he continued to interacting with Jean Gournier, even after when his graduation had completed. Then he joined the college (in 1932) and in 1934 he married to the daughter of his ophthalmologist. His married life was not long lasting but he lived it happily.

Literary debut

He graduated from college in 1936 and published an essay collection (back and front) in 1937 then he worked on data reduction at Meteorological and Geophysical Research Institute of Algiers. Later, he wrote on Gentiles, Caligula, Myths and Sisyphus with absurd pattern. He never changed the way he writes.

Part of his life when he got Nobel Prize

At the age of 44 he was awarded with Nobel Prize in literature in 1957 for what he gave to literature. It made him proud as he was the second youngest person for Nobel Prize in literature, and if we talk about the time period of world war then he was the first youngest person after Second World War. He lived in a countryside in France after all of these.

How Albert Camus Dead?

He enjoyed the trip to Paris, but it was not good for him as he lost his life in that trip by an accident. At the time of accident, he was working on his novel and it is still incomplete manuscript. His last and incomplete manuscript was The First Man.


Camus was the second youngest person who won the Nobel Prize in literature. The life of Albert Camus was full of mountains, but he overcame to all and at last, he died in an accident while writing his last novel, The First Man.