How Can I Track My Husband’s Cell Phone without him knowing and for free?

Wives are always known to be suspicious about their partners. It means, a female gender too doesn’t want to share their partner or loved one with anyone else. The world, where cellphone technology has been on the rise and has made its way to the next level everyone, can do things secretly on their digital mobile devices. You can make cell phone calls when you want to, send and receive text messages, use social media apps, and share multimedia.

All these activities seem quite normal and full of fun, but people in a relationship often feel insecure when their loved ones spend most of the time on their handset, tablet and other gadgets like that. Therefore, married females, in particular, want to track their husband’s handset without them knowing and for free.

However, when it comes to doing it free you may be thinking to ask someone to do volunteer to investigate against your suspicions or you keep an eye on your partner’s cell phone activities. On the other hand, you may go for the use of technology in terms of tracking for free, but you should not go for the tools that claim to be free. Because tools can steal the data on your husband’s device and you may have regret at the end of the day. So, you need to use official mobile spy app to track your husband’s mobile without him knowing.

How to getMobile phone spy app to track husband without him knowing?

If you are insecure about your partner’s loyalty then you simply need to make a check on their digital device. Therefore, you need to visit the official webpage of the tracking software for mobile devices and tablets. Once you have got the access on the page then you need to have subscription online. Besides, you will receive passcode and ID via an email sent to you. Furthermore, you need to have physical access on the targeted device and when you have been gotten the access instantly start the process of installation.

When you have been ended with the process of installation then you have to complete the activation process on the target device. After the completion of the installation process, you should get access to the online control panel. Now you can further get access to the android spy app tools and you can use it for tracking activities of your husband on their device. Let’s get to know how you can monitor your husband phone by using the following powerful tools.

Call recording

You can record incoming and outgoing calls on your partner’s handset in real-time using call recorder software. Further, you can save recorded calls data on the web control panel.

Browsing activities

You can track all types of visited websites on the target device installed browser and further you can see the bookmarks.

Text messages monitoring

User can also able to do surveillance on text messages sent/received on the targeted device and further you can read SMS, MMS and others alike.

Social media monitoring

A spouse can track their husband mobile phone installed social messaging apps and instant messenger’s logs in terms of messages, chat conversations, shared media in terms of photos, videos and Voice messages.

Surround recording

Wives can remotely get to know what their husbands are doing outside the house by recording their surrounds and conversations by getting control over the target mobile device MIC using MIC bug app. Furthermore, you can get control over the front and back cameras of the device to record surrounds in terms of short videos on the targeted device using spyvidcam bug.

GPS location tracker

Wives even can remotely spy on their husband location if you think he is lying about their location. You can use location tracking app that empowers you to monitor the pinpoint location of the targeted device with a complete time stamp.


Cell phone surveillance software is the best tool for wives to track husband’s cell phone activities to the fullest.