How Custom Packaging Can Be Game Changer

Often referred to as, “the silent salesman,” packaging can present your brand interestingly and uniquely when compared to the competition. The packaging you select must depict the correct positioning and image of the product that creates the best decision-making prospects for the consumer. Having custom packaging will indefinitely deliver an unparalleled unboxing experience. Good packaging is as important as the product itself because it allows customers to feel an emotional attachment to the brand, thus creating a meaningful relationship.

Below are several ways custom packaging can change the game for your brand and differentiate from the competition:

Construct an Amazing User Experience

Customized packaging creates the user experience; from the package initially catching the consumer’s eye to the unboxing process. Bad or run-of-the-mill packaging equates to an unemotional or bad experience. By creating an interesting, unique, and beautiful design, you will present the best experience for your target consumer.


If everyone making cosmetics, for instance, uses the same compact with the same applicator, mirror, and bevel configuration, it would one boring industry. Instead, designers and engineers, customize their packaging to present products to the consumer that are different from the competition. This helps build the brand image and truly act as the “silent salesman.”

Protect the Product

As one of the four P’s of packaging, protecting the package using customized packaging ensures the product arrives to the consumer safely and in good working order so they are receiving exactly what they expect. With so many problems that can occur during transportation, using customized packaging to protect the product is essential.

Strengthen Brand Value

Every aspect of a custom packaging is developed to create the perception of the brand. This is especially important for e-commerce products whereby the only physical interaction the customer has with the brand is once the product is received. Therefore, the brand only has one shot to create a lasting impression. By strengthening the brand value, the customer will emotionally connect to the brand. This is incredibly valuable and an integral requisite for long-term success.

Save on Waste

Tight-fitting customized packaging equates to a minimal waste of materials that must be used to ensure the fit of the product is tight enough to reach stores without being damage. Customized packaging can be used to create internal padding and dividers to protect the contents of the box. Also, given the tight fit, the dimensional weight is like the weight of the package thus saving on shipping costs.

Custom packaging transcends just being a requirement, it is a crucial part of the consumer experience. Poor packaging can lead to a bad shopping experience, poor presentation of the product, subpar quality, and an overall negative image of the brand. However, by making use of these strategies, you can add to the brand’s recognition and improve the face of your business.