How Do I to Send a Fax Directly From My Computer?

In the past, anyone who wanted to send faxes needed a fax machine. Today, there are cloud-based services that allow people to send a fax from their computers. Although there is no way to connect a fax machine to a computer, there are ways to send faxes without a machine. Learning how to send a fax with a computer makes the process easy. 

Steps Involved in Sending a Fax Via a Computer

Sending a fax from any desktop application is not overly complicated as long as a person knows the correct steps involved. The process is simple and includes the following. 

  • First, individuals will need to scan the documents they want to fax. Scanning the document as a PDF will help users ensure the document is ready to send by digital fax. 
  • Choosing a suitable fax service is essential for ensuring documents are sent without any issues. Individuals need to consider the features they will require before selecting a provider. 
  • Attaching the document when sending a fax is just like sending an email. There are no complicated processes, and the fax server handles everything to minimize any stress. 

How to Choose a Cloud-Based Fax Server

Selecting a cloud-based fax server should not be overly complex, but it does require concerted effort and research. The following offers information that should help individuals and organizations choose the best cloud-based fax services available. 

  • Where are the faxed images stored? Users need to know where their faxes are stored and if they are protected. Because many of these servers are store and forward operations, individuals need to ensure they ask about how the documents are stored. 
  • Individuals also need to ask if they can keep their existing fax numbers. Inbound fax number portability is an essential element of any cloud-based fax server, especially when belonging to a business or healthcare organization. 
  • Another consideration is third-party application integration. In most cases, third-party applications will integrate easily with cloud-based fax servers, but this is not always the case. Careful research will reveal this information to help individuals determine the best options. 
  • MFP integration is also an integral consideration. Not all e-fax options integrate easily. It is important to note that the existing two-way communication may not be fully replicated by the cloud fax server. 

The above are just a few factors individuals should consider when choosing a cloud-based fax server. Individuals and companies need to consider their needs carefully and match them with the best fax services available. 

Start the Search Today

Research is crucial for ensuring the right fax server is selected. With so many considerations, people feel overwhelmed selecting the correct server. By searching the options and narrowing them down to three, making a final selection will be easier. 

Cloud-based fax servers are growing in popularity because they make it convenient to send faxes from almost any computer. All it takes is scanning the document to fax and uploading it to the cloud server. The rest of the steps are handled by the fax provider. 

Cloud-based fax options also help healthcare organizations meet HIPPA demands. These services offer audit trails and much more. 

Now is an ideal time to start the process of finding a fax provider. Today’s cloud-based fax options are easily integrated with most operating systems and applications.