How Do You Cheat in Marked Cards?

How to cheat in marked cards? Many people know some about this and many more people want to know more about it.

To play magic card tricks, some props are necessary. Among various kinds of props, marked cards are playing an important part. Marked cards are quite widely used in poker games, including casino games or private games. Some people might use such techniques as marking cards with a red pen, bending corners, or slightly wearing down cards.  This is the most traditional way to do the cards for cheating in games so that the users can tell the special number or suit.

The newest method in the cards cheating marking industry is the use of luminous ink that cannot be detected without a special infrared filter or marked card reader.  For the marked cards with invisible ink marks that people can use in cards games, they are mainly divided into 3 kinds. Firstly, the IR contact lenses or poker sunglasses read invisible playing cards with luminous marks on the back. This is one of the most easy and practical ways of cheating in cards.

Secondly, users with special infrared camera and screen to read the infrared ink marks on the back of IR marked cards. This is one of the most secret methods of ways for cheating in playing cards games. Thirdly, people use a phone poker analyzer to scan the barcode marked decks and get game results directly from the phone analyzer. Quite a lot of poker players like using this method for its fast and effective.

Using marked cards to play cards tricks, and to entertain other people at the same time is the best way for us. As a professional supplier and manufacturer, we highly recommend our marked cards for you! In the playing card games, marked cards are aimed to making poker tricks. There are marking like suits and numbers in luminous invisible ink that can be read by infrared contact lenses and ultra sunglasses. We cannot view the back marking with our human naked eyes. Generally, we don’t suggest our customers applying for marked cards in the poker cards game. Image, if you lose all of your money in a day because your opponent is a cheater but not because he has great luck, you will be crazy about it!